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This blog will help to know the smart method to start your own business on the on-demand pharmacy delivery platform. 

Everyone in the world had met some illness on health conditions. At that time, if your tablet had run out and then you will be seeking the near pharmacy shop to buy your prescribed pills what the doctor recommends for your health to get a cure. 

In spite of this terrible condition, you can right away order the medicines on the mobile application. 

You may think out how it will occur?  

Yeah! it’s happened. In this world, people demand everything at the doorstep without any hassles. 

While they buy the medicine on the online platform is much a hassle-free option while comparing to the traditional method. 

This aspect is boon for the people to enjoy medicine delivery at the doorstep. 

Now it’s a daring time to know how the medicine delivery business will help you to profit out your business. 

Come let’s blow up!

The fundamental aspect you need to start a business is with eccentric software. While choosing the software, you should get an absorption on technology and its functionalities. And the foremost main aspect is to have a customizable script with 100% technical supports.

Chance to see out the on-demand pharmacy delivery script which will fruitful for your business.

GoferPharmacy will satisfy the above features and zenith out the business and take into the next level with high graded fame on it. 

 What is noteworthy in the GoferPharmacy?

GoferPhamacy is the on-demand prescription delivery script that acts like an online doctor in the pocket. It’s come with a native mobile application such as Android and iOS for the customers to have secure and comfortable surf. 

GoferPharmacy is connected with two partners to outshine the business longlasting with workflow proof. 

The two partners such as Driver and Pharmacy shop. 

What are the features in the pharmacy delivery script?

Simple Sign-Up Process:- 

The customer, driver, shop owner can sign-up through the GoferPharmacy and start their work on it.

Advanced Filter Option:- 

The customers can users the filter option to pick out their desire pills for their use.

Live Tracking:- 

The customers can track the medicine from the pharmacy at the doorsteps.

Schedule orders:-

 The customers can schedule orders at any time before the delivery. The duration maybe after 1 hour to a week.

Uploads Image:- 

The pharmacist can upload a medicine image for the customers to have a simplistic option to buy it off. 

Pharmacy Status:- 

The pharmacist can enable or disable the toggle button to show the present or absent of the shop to the customers.

And so on…

Technologies used it GoferPharmacy 

  • Front- end development: The app developer used Swift and Java for the Andriod and iOS app respectively
  • Admin Panel development: PHP and Angular.js used for the elegant dashboard.
  • Back-end development: The developer sculpted by SQL.js for the panel
  • Framework development: Laravel technologies were used in the framework

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