What is Grubhub?

Grubhub is an online food ordering platform founded by Matt Maloney and Mike Evans in 2004.

Grubhub is a Chicago-based company. The number of users of this platform is increasing dramatically because of its on-time delivery and best customer service.


Facts about Grubhub:


  • According to statista.com The Grubhub had over 31 million active customers in 2020, up by 8.8 million over the previous year.
  • In Grubhub, approximately 23,400 orders are placed regularly by customers.
  • Based on the report, 16 percent of U.S. consumers’ meal delivery done by Grubhub in June 2021 
  • On June 9, 2020, Just Eat Takeaway announced an agreement to buy Grubhub for $7.3 billion in stock.
  •  Grubhub reported revenues of $1.3 billion for the financial year of 2019.


Why does Grubhub clone scripts for the delivery business?

For a quick launch of any business, clone scripts are playing a significant role. Grubhub is one of the best business models for a delivery business. Because of its smooth flow in processes, it’s always at the top of the delivery market. 

Nowadays, customers expect to get service on time with the best customer service organization. Without a setup, performing this flow is tough to process. Grubhub clone script flow and business model developed based on Grubhub business model with all security features. The user-friendly interface saves lots of admins time to maintain and run a delivery business without much effort.


The business model of the Grubhub clone app:


Key partners Grubhub:

  • Restaurants
  • Delivery partners


Key activities of Grubhub:

  • Delivering food to customers.
  • Pick up food from restaurants.


Income source:

  • service charges from restaurants.
  • Delivery charge from customer.



  • Advertisements
  • Delivery partners pay.
  • Platform maintenance charge.



  • Mobile application
  • Website.


Customer relationship:

  • Ratings, reviews, feedback
  • Social media.
  • Customer support chat.


Grubhub clone strengthens your delivery business:

The user-friendly setup saves a lot of time to maintain and update and retrieve data. Some of the features are automated because the process takes less time compared to doing it manually. In the delivery business, on-time delivery and the best customer support is the most important thing to stand out in the market.  

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