Millions and millions of people are working as the Uber drivers. Uber as the prominent ride sharing company is providing multiple benefits to the rider and driver as well as. Uber Fuel Card is also one among them.

If you are planning to commence the ride sharing system like Uber then you can get to know how to provide benefits for the people who is working in your service. For technical support you can rely on Uber clone script.

What is Uber Fuel Card ?

If a driver completes 100 rides with in a month then the driver is capable to access Uber Fuel Card, that is like reward for the drivers to save money. This card is not like credit card, it doesnt require any maintenance charge. When the driver fills the cab fuel using this smart card then can save amount of time. The beneficiary process increases as long as you use this card often.

When the driver integrates the fuel card with the master card, then extra beneficiaries can be accessed that is additional discount of 1.5 % will be credited in the card when you refill the gas with this. Nowadays the price of the fuel is increasing day by day. So this might help the drivers to do the service.

To Activate The Uber Fuel Card

Go visit the webpage and sign in to your account. On the left side of the screen you can see the reward option and the icon ask you to activate the account. Click on the icon and type the last 4 digits of the card and activate the account.

If you have connected Fuel card with the Master card then for verification you have to provide the photocopy at some cases.  Also to fill gases a limited amount is allowed, if the driver exceeds the amount then the card discounts is not allowed.

Using this fuel card there are many benefits for the drivers, because when the driver use this fuel card for filling up the gas, then the driver can calculate the exact amount of money that the driver spend for the gas can be determined and monitor the monthly income rate.

If you are owning the ride sharing system then the convenience and the benefits for the driver and the riders should be given like Uber. so monitor the reports and the schemes provided by the prominent ride sharing company which may be useful for your business.

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