This blog is all about Swiggy POP a unique feature developed by Swiggy. The content in this blog is useful to entrepreneurs, restaurant owners and food delivery startups who are looking for the latest features and technology.

Swiggy is one of the top food-delivery service providers in India. Swiggy partners with almost 5000 restaurants and expanded up to 14 cities all over India. As the growth delivery service is enormous, Swiggy makes its way to number one position in the Indian food delivery market.

One of the most significant features of Swiggy is its delivery coverage. Swiggy is one who provides long distance delivery to their users. Let us take a look at Swiggy POP one of the most useful feature from Swiggy.

What is Swiggy POP?

Swiggy POP is a feature meant for food delivery to single personals. It is now available in 7 major Indian cities including Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata and Delhi.

Swiggy POP has a separate portal in the website but, there is no separate app for Swiggy POP. It is an added feature in your mobile app if you are in one of the above-mentioned cities. You can enjoy this feature with a tap in the Swiggy app.

Swiggy POP is a separate feature where there are meals listed that is sufficient for a single person. The main resolution of Swiggy POP is to satisfy hostelers, single working professionals who are looking for a daily meal. Swiggy POP has meals ranging 99-200 rupees which are delivered in 30 minutes.

What are the Benefits of Swiggy POP?

Swiggy provides free delivery with Swiggy POP. But delivery service in Swiggy POP is restrained within a delivery radius.

Swiggy offers no extra charge for Swiggy POP users. They eliminate fees like surcharge and other delivery charges from Swiggy POP.

Swiggy POP assures delivery within 40 minutes based on restaurant delivery time. Swiggy holds an average delivery time of 37 minutes per order.


There is a lot of competition going around Swiggy because of demands and need in the food delivery industry. If you are a restaurant owner or startup or entrepreneur then, this is your time to jump into the food delivery industry. There are lots of companies offer clone scripts like Zomato cloneSwiggy clone and Ubereats clone that you can make use to start food delivery business.

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