Do you know, what is the difference between a food ordering system and food delivery system?  The difference is just that food ordering takeaways don’t provide delivery service to the user.

This blog has useful information and workflow of an online food ordering system like Just Eat. This blog is helpful if you are an entrepreneur or restaurant owner or general user who wants to know about online food ordering system.

A food ordering app like Just Eat, Deliveroo, Eat24, and GrubHub helps the restaurant to bring more orders. From a recent report, online presence brings 300% more traffic than dine-in traffic. So, digital presence unquestionably increases the brand awareness and number of orders.

Why Food Ordering System?

The most important advantage of food ordering system is convenience. It helps a user to order food in a click.

The most admired feature of the food ordering system is its transparency. People will decide what they want when they want and how much they pay.

Online menu attracts a new user to the portal and, it is easy to manage. It also gives the user with a precise look at dishes and cuisine which will help them to decide.

Workflow of Food Ordering System


  • A user can signup and login using app or website by providing the required information.
  • Then, the user will search for a favorite restaurant or cuisine. The user can search and filter for food.
  • After that user will order food of his choice. The user will also have the option to schedule order.
  • A user will make payment of given choice. The user can pay by COD, net banking or by credit and debit card.
  • Finally, the user will place the order and wait for delivery.


  • The restaurant can signup and login using app or website by providing the required information.
  • A restaurant has notified of the order details and provided the option to accept or reject the order.
  • After accepting the order, the restaurant will process and pack the order for delivery.
  • Finally, the driver will pick up the food and deliver it to the user.

How Do They Earn?

Sign Up Charge

Most of the food ordering services charge signup fees to the restaurant. This charge may vary depending on country and food ordering system provider.

Commission Charge

The food ordering app like Just Eat charge about 14% of the order amount as commission. This charge may vary depending on the food ordering system.


Most of the food ordering system like Just Eat charge a commission amount to a restaurant for promoted placement and promoting the restaurant.


The food ordering system may provide you with lots of benefits. If you are looking to build an app like Just Eat then, it requires lots of time and technical skills. But we are here to it for you. You can contact us regarding any queries at [email protected]

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