Promotional activities is a significant part for the success of the business. No matter how quality service you provide, how good experience you have in your business stream, unless or until you do good promotional campaign you can’t make profit over that. 

You may have known about some prominent company that may outshine in a particular period and went bankrupt and got out of the market later. To avoid such circumstances both promotional and quality has to be mastered effectively. 

When you are involved in online cab, house, laundry, grocery, delivery or any booking business then even your web apps should include the options for promotions. For online booking Uber app script  will be suitable for all kind of on-demand related business. Let’s discuss about the options.

Features Can Be Included For The Promotional Activities :

Promo Code : In festive season or at some glad circumstances, can provide a promo code to the users and then offer a discount on their booking. 

Referral Campaign : Can request your existing user to recommend a person in their circle. This happens only when you satisfy the existing customers and for the referral you have to pay some credits to them. Through this you can earn a valuable customer, and can gauge how far you have gratified your existing customer. 

Activity Campaign :  Ask a question or quiz or conduct some engaging games and ask people to share about your products in their social media or blogs. Like ask for your promotion and pay them their credits. 

If you ask me, does only providing offers or discounts is an option for the promotion,  then you have other options too. 

Do active campaigns in social media like facebook, twitter, instagram. Even paid ads are encouraged to do promotions. Because 80 percent of people are flooded in the social media. so connecting them through the media gives an enormous profits. 

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