Earlier Google doesn’t have so much of restrictions or certain structured to be followed out. But day by day the search algorithm have improvised and SEO’s has to customize the site to perform well.

In today’s scenario, Google regularly or even day by day launches new updates in their search engines, it might be either minor update or a major one. But till date one of the major algorithms happened can be discussed.

Panda ( Launch Date  – Feb 24, 2011 )

In this algorithm, page score have been introduced for the web pages, so that the page that has duplicate, thin, plagiarized content, either it is stuffed by the keyword or another practise will be flagged red and gets under manual actions.

By auditing the site using site crawler one can rectify the page from the manual actions.

Penguin  ( Launch date April 24, 2012 )

If the site is full of irrelevant links or spammy links which is over optimised then it is also a red alert for the webpage from Google, only relevant and quality links are appreciated for better ranking. So disavow the irrelevant links to overcome this update.

Hummingbird ( Launch date Aug 22, 2013 )

This update is regarding to match the user’s intent. That is even if the user does not give the exact keyword, this update helps the user to reach the related website. If your website are keyword stuffed, or has less content then it will be affected with this update.

Instead of focusing on keywords, do concentrate on concept in your website, it will rank better.

Pigeon ( Launch date July 24, 2014 )

This update is based on the location, If you have poor on page or off page then they are considered as the drawbacks and your website loses ranking.

Mobile (Launch date April 21 2015 )

The usage of mobile phones have increased, that’s why Google preferred to have a mobile page support for the web page. So just go focus on the usability and the speed of the site. Though even if you have a better quality score in web page, but fails to maintain a score in the mobile version then you can not stand in the market.

Rank Brain ( (Launch date Oct 26, 2015 )

This is related to the Hummingbird algorithm because, though you rank on the first position but the users prefers and spend more time in the other site, then obviously you lose its rank, So try to be relevant.

Fred (Launched Mar 8 2017)

This update is based on the affiliated or ad centered content, by violating the google webmaster guidelines. If you are actually, genuinely related to that then you will not be affected in this update.

Apart from this there are regular updates, in the Google. If you need SEO support for your business improvisation then our digital marketing team will guide you.

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