Want to Play Multiple Services With Gojek Clone?


In this blog, we are going to discuss how multi-services are provided by the Gojek clone. Here I give assurance to speed up business growth by providing multiple services. People find it difficult to order various products and services through many applications. This made people step into the Gojek clone application that provides multi-service in a single application.


The customer can order food, groceries, medicines, and book services for household works, etc through an online platform. Providing all services in a single on-demand service application will satisfy the customers to the core.


In this blog, we are going to discuss the multiple services offered by the Gojek clone and also how Trioangle be the best choice.


Multiple Services Offered by Gojek Clone:


Gojek clone provides a number of services under a single platform. The services provided by Goje clone are explained below.


Taxi Booking Service: This service permits the user to book a taxi for transportation. The application owner can offer taxi rentals for renting the cars to users through the online platform, which helps to widen the customer base. 


Gojek clone acts as a centric place for the customers, drivers, parcel office admin, and the service provider through a web or application. With this app, customers can easily book taxi services from any place where the service is available, drivers can gain good fame and the service provider builds a huge customer base quickly. 


On-Demand Parcel Delivery Services: Through this service, the user can send multiple parcels to single or multiple destinations. The delivery partner picks the parcel and delivers it to the customer’s place as updated in the application. 


Gojek clone acts as a centric place for the customers, drivers, parcel office admin, and the service provider through a web or application. With this application, the customer can book any products from stores. Once the product is packed, the delivery partner will get a notification to pick it up. 


With the help of GPS, delivery partners can easily deliver the ordered items directly to the customer’s destination. This helps the delivery partner to deliver the product on time. 


Store-Based Delivery: This service helps the user to place orders for food, grocery, alcohol, pharmacy from their nearby stores. The order will be covered in a certain circle of area. The owners will follow the orders placed and give the product to the assigned delivery partner who has a tie-up with the Gojek clone application.


Handyman Services: This service allows the user to link with a wide range of service providers to get services directly. This service is similar to Handyman services which provide electricians, plumbers, installers, repairers, etc. 


The Gojek clone helps in providing multiple services in a single application or web. The customer can book the services they need and can select the time of the service they want using the application. This helps the service provider to provide service on time.


How Trioangle Be the Best Choice to Flourish Multiple Services?


Scalability: The option helps to measure the growth of the application, this also helps to know whether the application is running smoothly without any trouble. 


Regular Update of the app: Updating the application in a regular period of time to keep the application advanced and fulfill the needs of the customer. The regular updates help to add new features and fix bugs in the app.


Free Server Installation: Once the application is purchased, Trioangle provides the customer with free server installation. By installing our script to the server free of cost, we can move your application live in a short span of time.


Support iOS and Android: Our developers built the application with all features that are written in the native language that supports iOS and Android. This helps increase the audience as people are using different mobile platforms.


24/7 Technical Support: We provide you with the best technical support that helps the user to guide and resolve the problem within a few days.


White Label Solution: It is important to display the logo and design of the app that promotes the brand. Trioangle gives a white label solution that helps the user to edit their logo and design whenever they need.


Free Source Code: Most of the developing companies don’t give the source code to the users, which means the user doesn’t own the application. Trioangle gives the source code to the customers that help to change the script to attract audiences.


Wrapping Up


Each business is distinctive in its own way, the Gojek clone allows users to order different products and book services through a single application which gives high revenue and less maintenance. Trioangle provides the basic and advanced features which help to increase the growth of the business as mentioned in the blog. To know more about us visit https://www.trioangle.com/gojek-clone/


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