Taxi service is a billion-dollar industry & has a huge demand in the market. There are a lot of taxi booking apps like Uber, Lyft, Careem that are successful in the industry. Startup and small businesses need to grab ideas from these companies and serve their users. 

Cab industry is a very highly competitive industry and it is huge enough to provide market share for small companies & startups. An entrepreneur needs to follow his competitors and enrich his own business from the learning. Here are the top features of the Vehicle booking system that help you to grow your taxi service.

Top Features Of Vehicle Booking App:

Outstation Rides:

Many people traveling from one city to another are looking for outstation rides. This is the key and helpful features for your customers. You can also provide service for customers based km rates or on an hourly basis. You can also provide brake options that give your customers the option to have a break in the trip.

With the option to schedule trips, the outstation customers can easily plan their trips from one place to another accordingly.

Customized Trip Request:

The customized trip request gives the user an option to give a request for a trip with more detailed information. It helps the user to inform about the need for baby seat, Trip with a pet or even assistance for an elderly person.

You can even charge more this trip that needs extra care and assistance. The drivers also enjoy the additional cash that they can earn from these trips.

Pass/Membership Plan:

You can make use of a membership plan to reward your loyal customers. You can also serve a monthly pass which gives 15 % off on all the trips. Many companies also provide free rides for prime customers. 

The reason for these membership plans is because it increases user retention and increases user engagement.


Using carpooling, the riders can share their trips with other riders and travel at a much lesser price. You can also use share your fare option which helps a rider to split your fare with friends. Carpooling is the eco-friendly and much cheaper price option available in the cab booking app.

Manage Your Destination:

 Situation changes in a moment as many riders want to change their destination in the app. To make it simple for them, you should provide options for your riders to change their destination and manage it while traveling in the cab.

How To Improve Your Taxi Booking Software?

To make your business successful, it is important to stand out from your competitors and show your unique features to your audience. You should also think about your ideas and enrich your business. You should also provide value for your customers to choose your business. If you are interested in top taxi booking software like Uber Clone with customization options then, take a look at the site.

Have a good day.