Uber is looking to gain faith from its consumers and make their app more usable for the people. They don’t want to restrict their app for only taxi booking. They are keen to make Uber as go app for all the needs of the users.

Recently, Uber launched series of updates and introduced new features in the market. Many startups and entrepreneurs who are following the footstep of the Uber. This article will help you to keep updated with all features of Uber.

Latest Features Of Uber Launched In The Taxi Industry:

Uber Pro:

The Uber pro is a subscription program offered by Uber for its loyal drivers. It lets driver option to learn ASU online and discounts in all the accessories of the vehicle. It is currently available in the USA but, Uber is planning to extend their service to Brazil, UK & Argentina.

Verify Your Ride Option: 

Using this option, the rider can easily verify the car and driver without any issue. The rider was provided with unique code and driver was asked to enter that unique code to start a trip.

Earning Estimator:

The earning estimator is the feature that is most loved by the drivers. It helps the driver to know how much they will get paid after the trip. This helps to improve the overall experience in the portal.

Updated SOS:

The  SOS aka “save our souls” which helps the user to contact emergency number with a tap of a button. Now, the user can also send messages to emergency number and contacts saved by the user. The message is created as a draft with information of trip, location and other details to help the user. 

Uber Pass:

No matter the weather, traffic or any other factors, the ride pass user will get a ride with a protected price which is much lesser than normal rides. The ride pass users enjoy these benefits in Uber X & in Uber pool. These users can also enjoy discounts on the services Uber Cycle, bikes and so on. 

Real Time Id Check:

To improve a safe riding experience, the driver is subjected to continuous real time id check. The driver asked to smile, turn their head, blink to check the person behind the wheels. 

Demand Heatmap:

The demand heatmap helps the driver to find more trips to increase the earnings. With the heatmap, the driver can find location where more trip request are available. So, the driver move to that location to get more trips.


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I hope this article has useful information.