Airbnb Clone Script

Normally, people plan vacation trips and travel to other countries or inside countries. While traveling they need accommodation with some amenities and facilities. In the early stage, Finding a vacation rental stay is very difficult and won’t satisfy the traveler. 

What Is A Rental Script Concept?

To solve these difficulties, Online vacation rental takes place. To avoid time consumption and money, Rental Script concepts have been introduced. The Best example is Airbnb Clone Script for launching the best Online rental Service with highly advanced features. Which could be easily customized to the maximum extent.

Reason For The demand For Airbnb Clone App? 

Vacation Rental Scripts not only act as a bridge to connect to both host and guest but also generate huge profit for the admin on sharing economy basis. The host is nothing but the property owner and guests are the rentees.

In that way, some Online Vacation Rental companies get more reach among vacation travelers or users. Topmost rent places its footmark in more than 200 countries and moreover with 170 million users. Last year, one of the top companies’ gross revenue is $4,30,726,681. 

After knowing this profit value, many entrepreneurs are trying to start a rental business.

You may have an idea to start an Online Vacation Rental Business to make history. You are at the right place at a perfect time. This blog will reveal the important things for your startup knowledge.

What is Vacation Rental Script?

Vacation Rental Script is nothing but an Online Rental Application for renting homestays or tourism experiences. A host can list their property for rent and guests can book their desired property for vacation stays. Entrepreneurs earn processing fees on a commission basis through renting services.

Airbnb Clone Website Workflow

  • After the completion of the registration process, the host can list their property in detail.
  • Guests can select the desired listing for their stay and request to the host or can book it directly
  • The host informs the condition of the reservation whether the host can accept or reject the booking instantly.
  • Once the host accepts the booking then the guest can make the payment of a total fee for the stay.
  • Guests can use the property only for booking hours after that guest has to checkout at the correct time or he can extend the stay.
  • Guest can give feedback with a rating for the stayed apartment or house or shared room.
  • The Admin makes his earnings by deducting the commission from these services.

Features of Property Rental Script to Host

  • Id verification for safety purposes.
  • Setting rules and regulations for property, such as min/max duration of stays.
  • In Property Rental Script the host can denote whether the booking is instant or not.
  • Approval of guest application.
  • Different payment methods: Paypal, credit/debit cards.
  • The host can ask penalty in the case of a guest cancellation.
  • The host can put disputes for example: If a guest has broken the things in the home, the guest has come up with more than mentioned members, etc.

Features Airbnb Clone Website For Guest

  • In an Airbnb Clone App, Guests can search by property or experience.
  • Map with property location.
  • Online chat with the host.
  • Guests can give feedback as a review and rate the property.
  • Guest can ask for a penalty in the case of host approved booking first after that cancel the booking without reason.
  • Guests can place disputes for example: If the property is not exactly like what is displayed in the listing image, unavailability of listed facilities, etc.

Vacation Rental Script Search Filters 

  • Property(Home) Type: Entire home/apartment, shared room, private room.
  • Amenities: Kitchen, Kettle, Wifi, AC, Heater, etc.
  • The host can make restriction rules such as no smoking, no pets, etc.
  • Location-based search for property.
  • Guests can sort the price range as per their needs from lower to higher & higher to lower.

How does Property Rental Script make money?

  • Host commission: Clone Of Airbnb charges hosts a percent commission for every booking through the platform.
  • Transaction fees: Airbnb Clone Mobile App deduct a commission from the guest and transfer the remaining percent of the amount to the host
  • Promoted listing Fee. Hosts can pay for their listings to be shown above others to get more Visitors.

In Other Words

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