Uber launched a product called UberRUSH for Delivery in 2015 in Chicago, San Francisco and New York. Uber believed that UberRUSH will explore and change the way of delivery from location A to location B and launched it.

UberRUSH is designed in a way to serve individuals as well as the enterprise. UberRUSH helps to  surprise our beloved one with gifts. For example, on valentine’s day we can order roses and chocolates and the RUSH will drop-ship the product to the person.

In case of Enterprise if you are a good manufacturing company but has only limited manpower for delivery, then the firm can rely on RUSH for delivery. For example in peak hours if all the pizza delivery boys are busy with their orders, the pizza can also be delivered using the RUSH.

UberRUSH delivers any product that an average person can carry. But Alcohol, pets in any size, weapons, or any other item which you have no permission to transfer are restricted in UberRUSH

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How UberRUSH works?

UberRUSH exactly works in the concept of Uber.

  • From the app pinpoint your location on the map and at the top right you can see UberRUSH, select that and enter the delivery location.
  • The delivery person will come to your location in either scooter or bicycle or by foot and collect that from you.
  • After making an order you can get the estimated time of delivery for the product.
  • Also the sender and the recipient can track the location of the product.
  • RUSH wont conduct a transaction on your behalf also if the product is to be collected from the store and signed for you RUSH won’t accept that request.
  • The payment can also be made through the Paypal or COD according to the convenience
  • The rate varies accordingly to the zone that is getting delivered.

This enabled to deliver everything in ease and fast. Also Here you can schedule the order. The Delivery partner can also deny the request at anytimes.

Uber launched the shared economy concept in the on demand delivery service, and this can also be incorporated in other on demand business.


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