All entrepreneurs and food delivery startups are aware of the demand and money-spinning around the food delivery service. Most of the people are using food delivery apps once a week. The number of online sales is steadily growing and it is expected to reach its peak in the coming years.


UberEats is globally recognized food delivery service provider around the world and they keep on expanding its market. They hold the no1 position in food and drinks at app store in the USA, Australia, France and Thailand.


In late 2015, UberEats is not as popular is it was now. They have tough competition in the market like Postmates and GrubHub. They are still able to reach the glory and slice away a share in the market.


But, Have you ever thought of success behind the UberEats? By understanding how UberEats is successful will help you with your own business and start a new food delivery business. Here I have explained about the success behind UberEats.


Key Factors Behind The Success Of UberEats:


Good Opening:

UberEats has entered the market with the support of Uber and it is easy to log in with UberEats with Uber credentials. They start with alternative 5 dishes a day and later increase the number of dishes based on people response.


Brand Name:

UberEats is strongly backed by Uber which helps them to reach customers. Their brand name helps them to reach potential markets and lots of drivers are already available with Uber to support UberEats.


New Features:

UberEats is well known for its new feature that is introduced to the market. They first provide a tipping option to the driver and later introduced features like the Delivery pool to increase the efficiency of delivery.


Machine Learning & AI:

Uber uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to learn about their customers and to provide delightful experience in their portal. They also have huge junk of data to know about their target audience. UberEats keeps on following Uber in adapting different culture and user behavior.



One of the main reasons for the success of UberEats is their partnership with top brands to deliver food to its customers. Ubereats recently partnered with Starbucks to deliver coffee and already partner with top brands like McDonald’s, KFC and so on.


Customer Service:

UberEats is known for their customer service which helps them to build their brand and to improve their status as one of the top food deliveries in the market. They promised to provide fast and effective delivery service as well as keen customer service.


Exclusive Deals & Offers:

Many starts using food delivery apps for their promos and offers. UberEats provides delightful offers and exclusive campaign to its customers. They continuously work in loyalty programs to increase user retention.



There is a lot of need for food delivery in the market and even top companies can’t reach the full potential market. Any entrepreneur or food delivery startup looking for a business opportunity right there for in the food delivery industry. Now, you will get to know how to utilize the food delivery market and to earn from it. If you want to start a delivery business then, check out clone scripts like UberEats Clone App, Restaurant ordering System and Courier Delivery Software.