Uber & Lyft are top players in the taxi booking industry and they are doing well in both the USA and in the global market. They have separate ways & plans for their reward program but, all they have in mind is to retain their driver-partners.

Many top companies work on their loyalty programs vigorously because it brings a lot of activity & retention to the business. From a recent report, “68% of customers express interest in buying products when offered personalized rewards from their brand”. If you are a startup & entrepreneur, then learning about loyalty programs helps you to grow your business. 

Benefits Of Loyalty Program:

  • Increase the loyalty of your driver-partners with minimum expense.
  • Improve your overall business value and boost your growth.
  • Enrich your brand awareness & sales.
  • Help you learn more about your drivers and know what they want from your portal.
  • It also helps you to bring more riders & drivers to your portal.

Lyft Reward Program:

How do Lyft Points work?

The drivers can earn rewards when they actively drive rides during peak business hours. They can a point for every dollar they earn in surging hours. Lyft also categories their reward plans into Silver, Gold & platinum. 

If a driver wants to move Gold or platinum tier then they have to satisfy criteria like +4.90 rating, 90% trip acceptance and so on. The driver in Gold & platinum tiers earns a higher bonus than silver tier. 


  • Free or discounted roadside assistance.
  • Upt0 25% offer in car maintenance.
  • Exclusive offer & cashback on direct Lyft debit card.
  • The driver can also enjoy cash bonuses & free Lyft ride credits.
  • They also provide features like time & cost estimates to drivers in platinum status. 

Uber Reward Program:

How Uber Pro Works?

The Uber pro is a reward system introduced by Uber and it has four status which includes Blue, Gold, Platinum & Diamond. Unlike Lyft, Uber’s loyalty program refreshes after every 3 months. The driver can earn points during peak hours and by completing the quest.

In Uber, A driver must have a rating above 4.85, 85% trip acceptance rate & less than 4% trip cancellation to move upward in the reward status.


  • Using Uber pro, the driver can enjoy free roadside assistance or discount based on their status in reward points.
  • Discounts & cashback on car maintenance. 
  • Priority support & quicker rides in the airport & during peak hours.
  • Cashback on Gas and other vehicle accessories.
  • Trip promotion & 6% extra bonus on time & distance rates for Diamond & Platinum tier drivers.

What Do You Learn From Uber & Lyft?

Loyalty programs are key to the success of many businesses in the market. It not only motivates the driver but also brings a lot of engagement towards the portal. Many top companies spend a lot more on Loyalty programs which return higher returns on investment.

 If you want to launch a successful taxi booking business then, a good Uber clone app & reward program are a must for your business. 

I hope this article provides a lot of useful information.

Thank you for your time.