The tow truck application is used for towing vehicles that are not properly parked, met with an accident, and other problems. It is difficult to take the vehicle from one place to another which is not in a good condition. The tow truck clone is created with the same as Uber’s core features and can easily uplift the business.

Why Uber-Like App For Tow Truck?

The uber like app for Tow truck is needed for the drivers if there is any problem in a riding vehicle. The solution is to tow the vehicle to the nearest service station to solve the problem. This solution helps to have an uber like app for towing a vehicle and get the truck when it is required.

How To Generate Revenue From Tow Trucking

Commission Based 

The user will search through the Gofer Tow Truck to provide the service to the nearest location. The truck will be selected automatically for the user. After the service is completed, the user can pay through Paypal, Wallet, and COD. The commission amount will directly come up to the driver if user-pay through Paypal or wallet. If through cash on delivery then the owe amount concept works here the driver amount will be reduced for the next service of the total amount will be provided to the admin.

Main Features Of Tow Trucking Script

Geo Live Tracking – Users can track the provider location to view the truck arriving estimation time period.

Toggling Availability Status – Providers will be able to change the availability status as either online or offline.

Instant Chat/Call – Users are able to chat or call the providers to explain the location in a detailed manner.

Secure Payment – Uber-Like Tow truck application is provided with the payment gateways with a secured platform like Paypal and wallet system.

Booking Cancellation – The booking can be canceled at any time if the user is willing to do it.

Ratings and Reviews – Users can rate or review the service providers for the service they’ve done to show the profiles with some customer experience.

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