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In the current busy lifestyle of people, it’s very hard to finish all the regular chores like cleaning, washing clothes, preparing food, and so on.  This is where the on-demand solution Uber For House Cleaning steps in.  

Well-experienced and trained house cleaning service providers are available to serve both household cleaning and commercial place cleaning efficiently. 

The cleaning service on-demand marketplace value at the global level will be expected to cross a whopping $40 billion dollar by the year 2025. The most increased growth in demands for house cleaning professionals will be witnessed in the North America and Asia markets. 

Factors like an upsurge in disposable earnings for the people and the growth in the senior population will cause the essentiality of house cleaning services to all-time demand. 

For retail cleaning services, house cleaning professions will be required more from sectors like commercial and real estate. 

What Is The Significance Of Uber For House Cleaning Service And The Offered Benefits?

  • To acquire a timely house cleaning service the clients have to book an appointment via the on-demand marketplace.
  • The professionals linked in the app are available 24×7 for the clients to hire them on-demand and on scheduled booking. 
  • The doorstep location-based service is availed by the clients, so the professionals will arrive at the booked location.
  • The house cleaner’s location is trackable by the clients during their arrival via the real-time tracking functionality via the app.
  • The payment transaction is made via the multiple payment options integrated into the app by the clients to the professionals.
  • Numerous benefits are provided to the clients via the app like attractive discounts on the service costs, coupons on billing, multilingual accessibility, and the dedicated dashboard to manage the whole cleaning service business remotely with the analytics report of service bookings, ongoing service, earnings, and the feedback received from the clients about the service.

Market Statistics And Growth Prospects About House Cleaning Service App

  • By the end of 2022, the annual growth of the commercial cleaning services will be increased to the ratio of 5.8%.
  • The focus of the residential cleaning service will look at the appliance’s dust cleaning, polishing, and carpet cleaning.
  • Here the demand for skilled house cleaning service professionals increases immensely. 
  • The infrastructure of commercial buildings for more offices is leading on, so the demand for complete workplace cleaning services will also rise automatically. 
  • The market value growth of the cleaning service industry is witnessing an increase in the Asian region with a ratio of 7.7% and with a 6.7% ratio in European regions. 

The Forthcoming Expectations In The On-Demand House Cleaning Service App

  • To make sure of the client’s safety and security the professional house cleaners linked in the on-demand house cleaning service app are verified with the background check with the documents submitted by the professionals. 
  • The house cleaners have to be sufficiently compensated for their profession and labor laws related to minimum wages and household work may come into force.
  • Users prefer more priority for hygiene and they choose the usage of eco-friendly cleaning products to avoid unnecessary harmful environments.

Advantages Of Housecleaning Marketplace

Admin’s / Owner’s Advantage:-

The online on-demand marketplace business attracts investors and for the profitable income, this platform will be a great source. As per the report the annual revenue generated report of the Berlin-based house cleaning online platform Book A Tiger has around $2 million dollars. 

The $1 million dollars is raised by the company housekeep and the estimated annual revenue currently is nearly $6 million dollars. $95 million dollars have been raised by the company named Helping and its present annual revenue value is approximately $21 million dollars.  

House Cleaner’s Advantage:-

The on-demand marketplace House Cleaning Service App makes job opportunities, but they also deliver a safe working atmosphere. Besides, on the on-demand house cleaning marketplaces, professional cleaners don’t pay such a great percentage compared to what they would pay house cleaning agencies. 

Client’s Advantage:-

The on-demand marketplace will be more convenient for the clients to find and choose the house cleaning service professionals online for the required cleaning service.  This makes the bookings instantly with a few clicks on the smartphone. 

It’s not safe and comfortable to let an unknown person in everyone’s home. That is why certified cleaning service professionals are allowed to serve people after all background verification.

Monetization Methods Of House Cleaning Marketplace 

Commission Method:-

In the monetization method, the commission-based model is the most popular and successful way in the house cleaning marketplace. In the marketplace, the percentage or a commission is charged to the professionals on every payment transaction of the service billings.

There are 2 different approaches are there in this monetization method,

  • Fixed cost for service charges for the clients.
  • A percentage of every payment received by the cleaners will be charged, for example, 20% charged from the billing price.

Lead Fee:-

On getting the service booking count the lead fee is charged to the professionals. The online marketplace Thumbtack has the lead fee model to connect the clients and the professionals. 

There are 2 types of leads one is partial leads and another one is exact leads.

  • The exact lead process is to make an automatic payment for the correct match lead selections, for every exact match they pay a 20% lead fee in automated payment mode.
  • The partial leads stand for when the lead payment is made while when the job is accepted by the house cleaners and also without any discounts, a total lead cost must be paid.

Featured Advertisements And Listings:-

This method is for allowing your business-related products and services to list in the app. For listing or posting ads in the app, they can be charged with a certain service cost to you.

This way separate revenue is generated and business profitability increases. The professionals linked to your marketplace can also post a list of their profiles in order for them to get more orders.


House Cleaning Service Software is the big revolution in the handyman industry. Being a part of this revolution depends on gaining knowledge regarding many things and monetization methods. Looking all of them into this blog brings essential knowledge to launch your own startup quickly. 

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