Many companies feeling hard to manage their corporate trips and make it accountable in an efficient way. From a recent report, “It is estimated that the average employee spends more than 3000$ in out of policy spends“.

Uber for business is a portal to support corporate companies to manage their rides & billings more effectively. It provides an option for companies to send rides, add people and allocate budget for employees.

How Uber For Business Works?

  • A company profile with billing details must be created.
  • After the profile creation, the company can add employees to the account.
  • Thus, the employee can request a trip with Uber and payment is charged to the company bank account.
  • There is also an option for the company to send rides to its clients & customers.

Features Of Corporate Rides With Uber:

Add People:

It is easy to add people using company profiles with details like a phone number or email address. Even after the addition, the employee must need code from the company to request a trip based on the company profile settings.

Multiple Rides:

To make it more accessible, the company can easily send multiple rides to the employees and clients within the dashboard. Uber central helps the company to send multiple trips, schedule trips and manage profile.

Set Your Rules:

The company has a lot of options to set limits for people to use their business profile. They can set a time limit, allow certain types of vehicles or even set a budget to the employees. You can download your expense report on rides monthly or whenever you want from your portal.

Track Your Trips:

You are left with a lot of data in your hand as you have details like a number of trips, monthly expenses, timings, vehicle details and billing information. With all the information, you can manage your cost spend on transport more effectively.

No Smartphone needed:

Even your customer or client doesn’t need a smartphone in hand, you can easily send rides to them with ease.

Easy Payment:

You are left with online payment like net banking, credit or debit cards or you can pay via payment gateways like Apple Pay, Google Pay and so on. 

How You Can Launch Your Own Uber For Business?

Uber for business is one of the most revenue-based & successful business models in the market. It is suitable for taxi companies to expand their business with corporate rides. It is been said that “more than 52% of all work-related ground transport is done by ride-sharing apps”. So, business people need to make use of this opportunity wisely. 

If you are interested in starting Uber for business or corporate taxi rides then it is the right time to launch your business as there is a lot of potential markets for you to reach your venture. 

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