In this busy world, the need for complementary cab service is kept on increasing day by day. Many startups & entrepreneurs are aware of success behind Uber Clone Script  and demand for the taxi business.

But failed to utilize the addons that are available with Uber Clone. The addons are one which helps to improve and enhance overall business. A lot of people apt for paid addons, because it is essential and profitable for the venture.

Though there are many features come with the app, the addons help startups and entrepreneurs to win their business competition. It will also provide a customized look for your mobile and web apps.

Top Free Uber Clone App Addons From Trioangle:

Admins Role & Management:

As the admin panel is the control center of the Uber Clone business, it is hard to manage it. With subadmin addon, the admin can grant access to view and edit the admin panel to his employees.

The admin also can limit the access to various tools and features to the sub-admin. They are also restricted from accessing the technical details.

Fleet Management:

The fleet management helps the car owners to manage their vehicle and drivers effectively. It has all the ideal features that enhance the performance of the driver like driver log, trip details, earning details & trip acceptance.

The matchmaking tool in the fleet management system helps the vehicle owners to find qualified car drivers for their vehicle.

Surge Pricing:

A surge pricing is nothing but a price increase with the demand for a trip increase. The surging price helps admin to increase pricing when there is demand for trips.


As it is not safe to drive or travel to certain areas, geofencing helps you to restrict trips from certain red zone areas. Using this feature, the admin mark red zone areas to avoid trip request from the user.

In-App Chat:

In many situations that drivers and user can’t answer the call. The in-app chat option helps the user to connect with the driver via chatting. 


The SOS feature helps add 3 of his key contacts to contact during an emergency. When the user presses the panic button, SOS helps the user to contact the police, 3 of his contact and site admin.

Summing Up:

Now you know why addons are important and what you can benefit from it. Many companies sell off Uber clone app like a bundle. It is important for business people to keep an eye on these features. A lot of companies charge a lot for these paid addons with the basic features. But company like Trioangle offer all these Uber Clone App addons for completely free. Your uber clone app comes with addons as well as all basic features of the app.

I hope this article is useful.