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Business has become a dynamic sphere ever since technology entered. Currently, we are exploring endless transformation. No one expected the transformation to be outstandingly remarkable. The Handyman industry is a great example to explore.

Examine its development with its statistics scale!

A survey says the handyman service market has reached $1.8 billion this year. Its value is expected to grow by USD 1.65 billion by 2032. 

The more fascinating thing is that Uber has generated $41.8 billion in revenue in the last year. It derives $14 billion in revenue from ride-hailing and $10.9 billion from mobility. 

Want to explore this win-win platform for your handyman business? Then read this article to find an Uber clone for handyman ideas and business models. 

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Types Of Handyman Services For Your Uber Clone App

To keep your handyman business profitable, you need on-demand service assistance. Let’s look at the top ideas!

Babysitting Service

Babysitting service is a thriving business in the current scenario. People have no time to look after their children during weekdays. Users can find a nanny, by looking at their profile and rate & review options.

Laundry Service 

You know about the service as well but do you know it has revolutionized its business with cutting-edge technology? Customers can use the platform to get laundry services, and schedule pick-up and drop timing. The platform’s convenience and reliability have taken its market to a high. 

Doctor Service 

Imagine you have a sudden health emergency and you can not go outside. During that situation, you can get virtual treatment through the Uber clone for Handyman. It is similar to conventional ways. Users find a doctor and pay for the consultation. Doctors share the fee with the platform for using a third-mediator.

Beauty Service

No one is not into the beauty industry. Either men or women, we all are influenced by it. Before the evaluation of technology, beauty service was luxurious. With on-demand beauty service, it has come down with its valuation to provide a convenient and cost-effective experience.  

Don’t neglect to include beauty service for your handyman service.

Electrician Service

The most common problem in everyday life is electricity. Finding an electrician in the traditional ways is hard because you can find them through friends of friends. With the Uber clone for Handyman, you can find them directly, by looking at their details. 

Instances of the digital era can be seen through development like this. Another important service that you should consider to.

Plumber Service 

A fast-thriving service in the handyman business is plumbing. The case of it is quite similar to electric service. Finding a plumber in the traditional method is tough. With the Uber clone for Handyman, you can get service by clicking a few tabs. 

Plumbers also get lucrative opportunities to increase their revenue scale, using the platform. It is the best place to capitalize on them. It is also an important service to be included. 

So far we have seen handyman service ideas. Let’s look at the right business model that will be perfect to include all those services. 

Impeccable Business Models Of Uber Clone For Handyman

Business models are equally important in choosing designs, services, and technologies. Let’s look at the common models of the Uber clone for Handyman. 

The Individual Business Model

Create a scenario where you have a friend named Adam. he is a plumber and electrician. But he only gets jobs from people who know him personally or hear about him through word of mouth. Sometimes it is hard for people to reach him because they don’t have any contact with them. 

To break this situation, Uber clone Handyman plays an intermediate to connect plumbers like Adam with his audiences. 

Let’s see how an individual business model works! 

  • Uber Clone for Handyman is a virtual handyman service platform that helps service providers like Adam to connect with their customers.
  • Service providers can easily connect with their customers, using the platform instead of searching for them through a third person. 
  • Service providers can set his schedule in the app, so people can see when he is available to work. This helps people find a time that works for them.
  • They can set different services on the app. People can compare his rates with other handymen and choose what fits their budget.

The Business Owner Model

You have a company with handyman employees but you don’t get the right exploration for your business. To help with that, Uber clone for handyman allows your business to function on the platform exactly as the traditional methods. 

Let’s see how this business model works!

  • Your goal is to make it easy for people to hire your handyman services whenever they need them. 
  • By using the app, users can track how your business is growing digitally. You can see where your customers are coming from, and which handymen are performing well. 
  • You can use a reward and incentive system to attract more customers. 

The Aggregator Business Model

The aggregator business model for on-demand handyman services is a popular and convenient way to connect customers with independent handymen. 

  • Handymen can join your app as independent service providers. They provide their information and skills, like plumbing or fixing things to offer their services through your platform.
  • Customers use your app to request handyman services. They describe what they need help with and where they are located. 

Concluding Part,

We have come to the end of the blog. Hope you get insight into the handyman types and their business model.

From the statistics to the end section, you can see its profitability. 

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