A big surge in the Rental Business industry is going to happen after the relaxations are getting in globally. This surge allows you to be a next-gen rental startup owner in the market. To attain this, specific knowledge of the rental market demands is necessary. 

The covid-19 pandemic has had serious impacts on many business areas. The vacation rental industry gets huge disruptions due to this effect. After the relaxations are getting on, the travelers start trips and wish to stay in the various places. This provides the chance to launch the vacation rental business. The main objective of the owners or the hosts is to receive huge bookings. Looking deeply, several factors limit the bookings. 

Factors Limit Bookings in Rental Business Industry

Digital platforms like Airbnb create big wonders in the rental industry and have a huge economic surge in the market. Due to this, developing applications like Airbnb is getting familiar action in the rental industry. Considering the following factors while designing the application will be helpful for you to streamline the bookings. 

Lack of Suitable Listings

The entry point for the guests is getting knowledge on the spaces available and their price value. If your business model does not have the option to view the spaces available in a single window, then, the customers switch over to the next platform easily. This limits the number of bookings. 

Minimum Way to Book

In Airbnb Clone, guests always prefer multiple ways to book the space for vacation. Restricting them in a minimum way reduces the guests’ size. This reduction directly affects the number of bookings and limits them speedily. 

No Showcase of Amenities

Guests expect the detailed amenity list to make their stay as comfortable and perform necessary activities. If you don’t have the option to show the amenities, then you are completely out of the market with low bookings. 

Lack of Availability

On the selected date, the space availability information is important for the guests to book a space quickly. If the calendar is not synced with the application, then the guests are unaware of the availability of rooms and hence they switch over to the next platforms. 

No Contactless Payments

The payments via cash form are not the right option during a pandemic. Contactless payments get enabled. If the business model does not hold the contactless payment options, then it will become out-of-date. 

Top 6 Proven Ways to Streamline Bookings

In order to streamline the guests’ bookings in the new norms, here are the top 6 proven ways during the design of the Airbnb clone app. 

Attractive Listings

Property listings must be attractive with clear information like the name of the property, location, and many more. Rather than the text, attract via image, video is the fruitful option to get the immediate attention of the guests. In this way, the number of bookings in all the regions increases. 

Multi-Way Bookings

Providing many ways to book the space such as app-based, in-app calls, and the pre-schedule also brings many guests towards your rental services. Booking rooms in many ways is not only beneficial for guests. This is beneficial for the hosts to categorize the bookings in different forms and manage them easily. 

Amenities Lists

The range of guests is corporate people, tourists, adventurers, and many more. The expectations for these people also varied. By including the amenities or updating the list as per their expectations, the capture of guest attention is possible for the rental startup owners. With this instant capture, the build-up of a potential customer base is an essential thing. 

In-App Calendar Sync

The synchronization of the calendar feature within the application allows both the hosts and guests to feel free to communicate regarding room bookings. With this linking, the availability of the rooms on the specified date is initially shown. With this information, the guests can book the room or space to stay. 

Digital Payment Modules

Integration of payment gateways into the application allows the guests to do the payments in a contactless form. With this feature, you can restrict human contact to avoid the disease from spreading. 

The integration of digital payment modules, third-party payment apps, card details into the application makes your app hold good to carry the online transactions in a seamless way. The digitized payment modules ensure the accuracy of transactions. An assurance of transparency in transactions allows the rental business owners to build profitable deals with the many hosts in real-time. 

Geo-Location Based Hosting

With the focus on the increase of domestic travels and bookings, you must provide the option to the hosts to list the properties according to the locational specification. Allowing the guests to enter the location information via the application allows the hosts to list the properties according to location and the events on that location. 

Further, greeting the guests with numerous offers and discount options also boost the size of guests. Advanced filtering, multi-lingual and currency, and referral-based earning create a unique path to attract more guests that lead to high revenue. 

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Getting more bookings is the ultimate objective of the rental service owners. To meet this objective in a seamless manner, user-friendly features are the essential needs of rental business owners. 

The factors limit the bookings and the top 6 ways listed in this blog are helpful to create wonders in rental services and streamline the bookings. Hire the right app development player and build a partnership with them to design an Airbnb clone app in all ways. 

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