COVID 19 pandemic devastated many industries. As a result of the pandemic, social distancing revenue flow reduced rapidly in all businesses. Due to COVID 19, a lot of things changed.

Finally, it’s becoming normal, in this new normal many businesses are struggling to come back. Now, it’s time to boost your business with some new strategies based on this new normal. 

let’s see some tips and tricks to improve your business with UberEats clone 

  • Online presence
  • Customer service
  • Offers and packages
  • Marketing 

Online presence

Due to pandemics and social distancing, the usage of smartphones increased rapidly. So, the internet is one of the best ways to reach the customer. Now, most of the transactions and purchases are made through smartphones. It’s essential to present online in a catchy way to grab customer’s attention. 

Tips for online presence.

  • Website is one of the powerful ways to tell customers about your restaurant. Most people visit restaurant websites before placing an order. 
  • Include your menu on the website with some cache images of food items.
  • Optimize your website to get more visitors to your website.
  • Exclusive food delivery app or setup to enhance your business presence online and maintain customers info, reviews, ratings.
  • You can also include online delivery options on your website to order food from your restaurant.
  • Include your location on your website to get directions to the restaurant.
  • Include an online reservation facility on your website.
  • List your business in google my business. 
  • List your restaurant to other food delivery apps.
  • Include an online reservation facility on your website. 

Customer service 

Always happy customers keep coming back to your restaurants. Loyal customers prefer the same restaurants if they are satisfied with your service

. Customer service tips

  • Train your employees to serve in the best way.
  • Proper seating arrangements and light interiors make customers feel pleasant.
  • On-time delivery without time delay.
  • Introduce different serving options like dining-in, home delivery, takeaway options.
  • Attractive menu options with some fusion food items make it more interesting. maintain
  • Proper cleaning routine to keep cleanliness and hygiene.
  • Contactless delivery options. 
  • Use customers as promoters by best service.

Offers and packages

Customers always expect anything new from restaurants. Discounts and loyalties are ideal ways to reach customers and increase their deals.  It will be the best way to pull in customers and tempt them towards their favorite food items. It is the best way to hold the earlier clients, and they can be your frequent clients in the future

Offers and packages tips

  • Offer signature packages like kids kits.
  • Update new promo codes to make customers more interested.
  • Discounts based on seasons and climate grabs customer’s attention.


Making customers know about our restaurants is marketing. After all, marketing plays an important role when it comes to increasing sales.

  • Social media marketing – Social media is the best way to reach customers with interest in us. 
  • Offline – Offline advertisements. 
  • Events – Conducting events, competitions.

Wrapping up

Get the help of technology to maintain business flow smoothly. A proper setup for business reduces admin time. Serving on time is an essential factor for customer satisfaction. Delivering or serving on time without any setup is a complex process. There are numerous scripts available in the market to maintain these processes in an effective way. Some setups are available with standard and exclusive features like customer info maintenance options, payment maintenance options, promo maintenance options. 

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