E-Commerce services have become the most trendy business in the current trending world. The E-Commerce service has boomed due to the pandemic situation in recent days, where the customers can purchase the product from the seller with or without direct contact.

What Is Letgo Clone?

Letgo clone is an E-Commerce service application, where you can buy and sell products either new or used. With the unique feature list, the Letgo clone application converts online shopping easier.

This blog explains the features in the E-Commerce business which help to boost the business and increase revenue. Keeping updated on the features with new trends is necessary as an entrepreneur. Let us have a look at the features that suit the modern world.

Features That Help to Boost the eCommerce Business:

Trioangle builds features to increase the count of users. When the number of users increases, there is an increase in the revenue of the business. Some of the standalone features are explained below.

Sort By Option:

The Letgo clone script enables the sort option for customers, where the customers can sort the products based on nearby sellers, price, and dates. This allows the user to select products within his budget, area, and also can see new arrivals. This helps the customer purchase products within the Budget without exceeding the budget.

Categories Option:

The letgo clone script enabled this feature for the customers, where the customers can categorize the products like bikes, cars, electronics, etc. This feature helps the user to save time by searching for the exact product he wants to purchase, instead of going through all the products posted in the application.

Notification Option:

The letgo clone alerts both the customer and seller with notifications. The customers get information about recent posts and messages from sellers who they contacted to know about the product. The seller will get a notification when the user wants to contact you. This helps both the customers and seller to take quick action so that it will make the communication effective and quicker.

Feature Listing Option:

The Letgo clone provides a feature listing option where the sellers can post the features of the products, keeping updated on the product will help to stay at the top of the listing and will help you in selling the product easier. This makes it easy for the customers to look at the product and gain knowledge about the product so that they can decide whether to buy it or not.


The user and seller login have options for enabling their location, where the seller can post the products in the enabled location and users can be able to see products within a limited circle of location or can search products from various locations. The user can easily purchase the product from the seller if he needs it from the location enabled by the seller.

Display Products:

The Letgo clone software enables this feature to the seller, the seller can post pictures of the products which they want to sell by adding titles, descriptions, and pictures. This helps the user to check the product in the initial stage which will satisfy the needs. If the customer is interested in buying the products he can contact the seller through app text and call him to know about the product and negotiate the price.

Revenue yielding Factors:

To increase the number of users, the features and team play an important role. Every entrepreneur needs revenue from the application and some revenue yieldings factors are explained below.

Admin Commission: The Admin receives a service fee for every successful transaction of goods from the buyer to the seller. The admin can receive service fees from both the buyer and seller or the admin can receive a service fee from the seller by setting a percentage.

Featured Advertisements: The seller can promote the listing of the selling product to be at the top of the search in the Letgo clone application. The charges are based on the hours of display in the top listing.

Google Advertisements: Displaying other advertisements in the Letgo clone application helps to yield revenue. The charges are based on the number of times run on the Letgo clone application.

Why Trioangle?

Trioangle has a number of experienced web and mobile application developers, who help to build the best Letgo clone application with advanced features which boosts the revenue of the business. Trioangle also provides free technical support, free server installation, free bug support, free app submission, free white labelling, etc. For more information contact us on

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