This blog has useful content about Swiggy Super that will be helpful to all users of Swiggy as well as regular users of food delivery apps.

Swiggy is one of the biggest players in the food delivery industry in India. They are favorite among lots of people and acts an integral part of food delivery in India.

Most of people love food delivery apps for their convenience and comfort. They also provide lots of offers that attract the user to order online. Here are some pros and cons of Swiggy Super which will be helpful for you.

What Is Swiggy Super?

Let’s know what Swiggy Super is.

It is a paid subscription plan in which user benefits with free delivery, no surcharge and Swiggy Delight. Swiggy Super is available with two plans as a 1-month plan and 3-month plan. 1-month plan costs from 99-149 rupees and 3-month plan varies from 249 which changes among cities.

Advantages Of Swiggy Super:
  • The significant advantage of Swiggy Super is that it offers free delivery to its user. The user can enjoy this benefit in the period of subscription.
  • With Swiggy Super, there will be no surcharge to its user. They don’t charge for delivery during high demand or rainy days.
  • They also offer Swiggy Surprise in which users are offered deserts or any other small treat with every order.
  • Swiggy super users are prioritized with a dedicated customer care team to help them out.
Disadvantages Of Swiggy Super:
  • Swiggy only offers free delivery with no surcharge only when the order value is more than 99 rupees.
  • Swiggy Surprise is yet not rolled out and, there is no deserts or free treats to the Swiggy Superusers.
  • Swiggy Super is available only on top cities like Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Gurugram, and Bengaluru. Thus it is not available to all its user.
  • The price range of Swiggy super subscription is varied in different cities.

Swiggy acts with a strategy to penetrate its user to improve its market with Swiggy super. But there is lots of competition for them to face.

Still, there is lots of room for development and improvement in the food industry. This is the right time to start a food delivery business for any entrepreneurs or startups.

There are lots of companies selling clone scripts like Swiggy cloneZomato clone and Ubereats clone.

I hope I have provided you with some useful tips.