Nowadays to start a taxi business the online support through web or mobile apps seems to be the backbone. So vital significance has been bestowed for this particular session and accordingly the business has been moulded.

To gratify all our needs and the business requirements one has to choose the reliable and veracious script. It may be either using Uber clone script or On demand taxi booking script

Some Of The Features That Can Be Included In The Uber Clone Script


People rely on your service when you maintain and provide security parameters. Obviously at case of any emergency situation while engaging with your service you has to address the situation and help them. This is the basic discipline that every business follows.

So to deal this in the app itself we have included an option called SOS. At the crisis situation from the app itself the rider can contact the help board and attain help.

Even their live location can be shared with the trusted contacts for the security reasons.

Promo Code

Offering discounts will be the best choice to hold or retain back the customers. So the promo code option in the script plays a major role. Also through this you can acquire the reputations and start branding your service. Because prominence is the only key for success and it also plays a vital role for the triumph

Live Tracking

This live tracking shows that you are transparent in your business and seems that you are responding to your user even when they didn’t ask. To be more clear you show the real time location of the driver and guide them about their route to the destination.

Don’t Disturb Me Mode

Some riders might prefer to have a ride without any disturbance that is it may be due to official work, or they might be preparing for the meeting. So in the Uber clone script try to deploy this option and try to provide an effective experience to the users.

Refer A Friend

The already existing user can refer your service to the other person, because it seems to be trustworthy. Also this feature will highly useful to your service to increase your users.

Some of the basic features that has to be included in Uber clone are

  • Sign up/Login
  • Verified Riders
  • Prompt Notification
  • Multiple Payment
  • Estimated time of arrival
  • SEO Friendly
  • Automatic Fare Estimation

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Trioangle is a web and mobile app development company providing technical support through on demand taxi booking script.