Those days entrepreneurs establish brands and sell products on advertisements through broadcasting mediums like newspapers, TV, radio etc. But nowadays using digital technology the business hits the market. So people have shifted their product in classified ads from newspapers to digital media like online classifieds software. The Business on selling and buying second-hand products through classifieds software makes an entrepreneur more profitable. So the Entrepreneurs can start their business with classified software to earn more. Letgo is a live  example for online classified business. They had seen profit with technical support. If you wish to start a business like them you can approach the best Letgo clone script. 

PassUp is the best Letgo Clone Script comes with the concept of online classifieds, works on buying and selling of products for a service fee. In this blog, We are going to see deeply about the Letgo Clone

How PassUp (Letgo Clone) Works?

Buyer and seller have the same login Id for buying and selling second-hand products. The seller will list the product to sell and the buyer will search for the wanted products. The buyer can chat with the seller for his interesting products to get more details about the product. At last, the product is liked by the buyer and they have a conversation in chat option and payment option is done by users outside the site.


Buyer will use the category option and filter search option to find various products and If they liked the product and where interested to buy, the buyer will chat with the seller for his product queries and they can confirm the order. The buyer can save the products in the wishlist option for buying after when they need those products.


Sellers will list his products based on his category and upload a high quality image and make a title, description, price amount with all kinds of product details for buyers can easily find this product with details. After the seller listed those products, the seller can check the product views and instant chat messages.


Admin will have a separate dashboard panel to control all operations going through the website. The requirements of the admin panel can add sub-admin, accountant. so the admin easily separates the roles to allocate the users. Admin can create a user and any kind of irrelevant user admin can delete and manage the users. The admin can manage the different modules for exchanging and any promotional product measures. Through our demo page, you can know more about the admin features. Letgo Clone Script.

Features of PassUp:

Sign up\Login:

The users can have the same login ID for listing products and for buying products. The users can easily login through Facebook, Gmail, Linkedin. The verified users only can login for security purposes.

Advanced filters & Search:

This helps a buyer to find products using filter options like price, place, etc. Multiple product options will help a buyer choose categories like a car, electronics, etc. This helps the buyer to find the products easily.

Report users:

The users will have a report option for the security purpose and should add the feedback .for reporting the users.

Instant Chat:

when a buyer likes any products or knows more details about the products, the user can make a conversation with the direct seller. In chat option there is template based for easy chatting like “Is still available”.


The buyer can save the products in the wishlist option for buying after when they need those products. There will be a heart icon available at the top right of the products and you can tap that icon for you later references.

Languages & Currencies:

Users can change their languages & currencies from the list according to the users. It will help the users to use the application easily. Currencies can change based upon their location. 

Ratings & Reviews:

The users can rate the buying products, Reviews are also used to know product qualities and any other kind of that product. It is useful for new user’s trust and increases a huge number of users.


While listing the products, there will be filter options like home,jobs,cars, etc. The one user can do multiple listings to sell the products, there are no obstacles for multiple listing products.

Promotional ads & Banners:

It is used for users, the products can boost up for high featured ads and better benefits. The Entrepreneur will change the banner for improving the site performance to gravitate the user.

Google Adsense:

Entrepreneur can create an account and coordinate advertisements in web and mobile applications. It makes a profit and makes the best revenue for entrepreneurs.


The buyers and sellers will get the text messages immediately from the chat screen. Entrepreneurs will be notified of all the activities going on the websites through buyer and seller. 

What We Offer?

We are offering web and android applications with the use of latest technologies.For an admin, there is an admin web panel to control all operations going on the website.

The Technologies used in this clone script are Node js, Javascript, Apollo server, mongoDB, React JS, Apollo client, HTML,CSS3, Java, XML. Once you have completed a purchase, there will be an installation free of cost and the script comes with lifetime license.we will solve any issues or any bugs in this script.It is a right time towards this business many entrepreneurs are searching for classifieds software.we are providing a classified script as you like as to start the business.

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