The rental business is one of the most trending and competitive businesses in the market. If you want to be successful in the business then, you are in need of the best technology to connect you with your business needs. That’s where Trioangle comes to play.

Trioangle is one of the top app development and mobile development companies in the industry. They are well known for their clone scripts and mobile apps. But, is it worth buying an Airbnb Clone script from Trioangle?

Many have these questions in their mind and here are some key factors and true reviews about Trioangle’s Airbnb Clone Script.

Why Makent Is The Best Airbnb Clone?

Airbnb clone is an online property rental software. It has core features similar to the highly popular Airbnb, which helps you start your own online rental business. The Makent is the best Airbnb clone comes with mobile apps and responsive web apps which helps you in all sectors of rental business. It connects guests and hosts to rent a property for a processing fee that the admin earns with Airbnb clone. Trioangle presents you with separate mobile apps and web apps for the host, guest. They also provide a separate web app for the admin to control the overall process. They provide you both iOS and Android apps.

What Is In Trioangle’s Airbnb Clone For Users?

Similar to Airbnb, the best Airbnb clone hinges 4 main principles of Sharing economy with its features and functionalities


Features like rate and review, allowing the authorized user, genuine listings, multiple payment gateways, and many more features ensure the reliability of the system.

Efficiency : 

Makent, achieve maximum productivity with iCalendar, advanced search filters, user dashboards, payout preference, Multiple logins, multiple bookings, duplicate listings.

Flexibility :

The flexibility of the Airbnb clone script can be extended and can incorporate rental business ideas.

Community :

Users are real assets. Welcoming new ones and retaining the existing ones are more important. In the rental market, our script makes things feasible with travel credits, wish lists & customizable features.

What Is In Trioangle’s Airbnb Clone For Admin:

Single Dashboard : 

In a simple and single dashboard the complete process of the rental is monitored. The admin can monitor and manage a business with any chaos as the dashboard is much more interactive.

Manage Business :

The users & properties connected are easily managed and monitored. Similarly to it, the rental process, cancellation, disputes are monitored with moves and controls. Also affords earning report to users, that aids for personal improvement and business development.

Sub-admins : 

Suppressed with workloads !! Just split your work shares to a reliable person and monitor it.

Listing Approval :

Establishing a reliable connection among users in the virtual world is a bit tedious. Makent makes it possible with “Listing Approval” that only authorized and authentic listing are approved.

Globalization :

Widespread your branch in a digital platform with Airbnb clone, which supports multiple languages and multiple currencies.

Avail with the above described features & functionalities in Airbnb Clone. Feel free to contact [email protected].

How Do Entrepreneurs Get Benefited With Makent (Airbnb Clone)?

A list of qualities which makes us different from other online marketplace. Uplift your business with your wise picks.

  • 100% Source Code
  • Free Server Installation
  • Free App Submission
  • Free Technical support
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Customization
  • On- Time Service

Check out the demo link to know more. I hope this clone script will help you with a successful business.

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