Swiggy is one of the best food delivery companies in the world based on an online network. Swiggy clone script suits for the entrepreneurs, who make a startup in the food delivery business to make a highly profitable business. Trioangle offers the best Swiggy clone script for startups within 2-3 business days. Once you bought the script from us, we provide full technical support, 100% source code, and customization based on the client’s wishes and done within the time. 

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Let us see some benefits of creating an app like Swiggy


Simple signup/signin — The Driver can sign up easily and submit the documents, once the documents are verified, the driver can start taking orders.  

Profile Management — The driver can manage their own profile as they wish. The driver can update details like vehicle documents, numbers, and any other documents that can be updated and should get verified by the admin.

Manage Trip — The driver can manage the completed trips, transactions, and more details about the eater. 

Online/Offline mode — The driver can switch in online and offline mode. When the driver is in online mode, he/she receives the order request from the eater. When the driver is in offline mode, he/she does not receive any order from the eater. 

Navigation — The driver can use the navigation option for tracking the eater’s location easily. 

Pay to Gofer — The driver will get some of the customers in the payment by a COD option. If the driver gets the payment in the COD option, the driver has deducted his commission amount and should transfer to the admin. There is a separate option to pay the admin.


Easy Signup — The eater can easily login with their phone number or email. The eater can also log in with social media options like Facebook, Twitter.

Instant Notification —  The customer will get notified, regarding the status and the order, it will be notified instantly for customers. 

Favorites Option — In our script, the user can choose their favorite food and can save in favorites option to take easily to the next order. If the favorite food has any offer, it will be notified to the customer.

Filter Option — The user can use the filter option like searching the foods as a category, price, quantity, and more. This option is used for the customers to search for their favorite food easily.

Track your Order — The user can track their orders using live geo-tracking. It helps the users to find where the order is!


Restaurant Status — The restaurant partner has the option to accept orders or pause new orders. If the restaurant has accepted orders, the order will be received for the restaurant. If the restaurant has paused the orders. The Restaurant will not show for the users to order.

Live Tracking — The restaurant partner can track the driver’s location and can check whether the order has been delivered to the customer or not. 

Menu Status — The restaurant partner can manage the menu status whether it is available or not. 

Order History — The restaurant partner can check the status of the order that has completed,  and check the order details and order history.

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