TaskRabbit Clone

TaskRabbit Clone is an excellent mobile marketplace and a one-stop online solution. It acts as an intermediary medium between the people who are in need of services and service providers or taskers who provide their services for the needy. 

A customized On-Demand TaskRabbit Clone App with all the dedicated unique features and numerous services like beauty, health care, plumbing, babysitting, and much more to launch your on-demand handyman app like TaskRabbit. 

The TaskRabbit Clone keeps almost every important service picked by the users and the taskers. Right from a service requesting or delivering a service to the payment transaction for the service, everything can be accomplished in this single app. 

What Is TaskRabbit?

In the year 2008, the company named TaskRabbit is founded in the United States Of America. Which is a mobile marketplace as a one-stop solution that connects the freelancers looking for job opportunities with the demands in the local area and helps the users to access the service providers for their service requirements like house cleaning services, carpentry services, pest control services, and more handyman works. 

In the name of  “RunMyErrand”, the TaskRabbit business appeared in the market in the initial stage with around 100 runners. In the year 2010, the name of the brand changed to TaskRabbit. Now the business was running in the countries like United States Of America around 45 cities, in Britain around 4 cities and in Canada with 1 city. The feature of on-demand marketplace.

What Is TaskRabbit Clone?

In easy terms, TaskRabbit Clone can be defined as an advanced online marketplace where the users can request their service requirements or household tasks on an online medium on-demand service mobile app. 

On the other side, professionals or taskers can accept the task request from the users and finish it. Taskers get paid by the users while the service booked job is done. Admin who owns the web application with a dedicated dashboard can earn by charging a fee from both clients and service providers according to their ideas as a commission amount from the payment transactions. 

Why Should You Prefer TaskRabbit Clone For Your Service Business?

In recent times the advancement of technology has transformed our lifestyle from the traditional method to the dedicated online platforms to access anything we require on-demand. 

The push of online preference increased for the people happens from the covid-19 crisis, for getting cabs, food, and any household services in order to break the spread chain of the disease attack. In such a scenario, providing On-Demand services becomes a better business opportunity in the market. 

TaskRabbit Clone Marketplace’s Key Features And Functionality

Service Selection:-

The user interfaces must integrate the service selecting feature of the required service from the various services listed. This is mandatory while stepping into the business’s on-demand services. The user is able to post their requirement over the selected service. 

Service Bookings:-

Service booking is an essential feature for both the taskers and the clients.  Via this feature, the clients can effortlessly book and schedule their appointments at their convenience. All the scheduled service bookings can be tracked comfortably. 

Track Tasker:-

Tasker live location is able to track while after the service request confirmation. The GPS integration has the ability to track the tasker during their arrival to do the service at the scheduled time. An approximate arrival time is also notified to the clients, which helps them to plan accordingly.

Push Notification Alert:-

With this feature, you can give a regular update about the latest upgrades, newly added services, offers, discounts, etc… the service booking confirmation, payment transaction, completed service, etc… are also updated via this notification alert. 

Ratings & Review Submission:-

Availability of leaving ratings and reviews for clients will help them to share their feedback based on their service experience and the tasker’s behavior. This helps the upcoming clients to verify the ratings and review before booking the service from the taskers. This also leads to further additional bookings. While the bookings increase, parallelly the earnings and revenue via the on-demand TaskRabbit clone app.

In-App Chat Communication:- 

The In-App chat communication allows the clients and taskers to get and make their service adequate form. By integrating with each other in real-time using the in-app chat feature, users can explain their requirements and taskers can provide the service based on them. But remind it that while crafting the on-demand TaskRabbit clone app, the in-app chat communication system should be safer and secure. 

In-App Multiple Payment Option:-

Clients can pay a payment for the completed service when the tasker completes it. The payment can be a direct cash payment or else they can make a safe and secure payment transaction via the integrated payment modes like Paypal, Stripe, E-Wallet, Debit or Credit Card payment, etc… increases the trust among your marketplace, parallelly the users’ engagement increases effectively. 


Thumbtack Clone is a unique solution for startup professionals to launch multi-services. The features listed in this blog are useful for the one who wish to launch the multi services like TaskRabbit quickly. Providing all the features at a single tap speeds up the TaskRabbit-like service performance. Let’s improve the performance right now.