Gofer is the best uber clone script with outstanding and unique features as same as Uber from Trioangle Technologies. Gofer is available in both iOS and Android platform with a mobile friendly app. Gofer is also available in responsive web design. This uber clone script have extra features for both user and service provider.

This On demand app can be customized and can be used in various business includes plumbing, electric word, courier services and some more. Gofer can also be used as Uber popular products such as UberEat, UberRush. Our Customer support service can help you to do your business with our uber for x app.

The purpose of this on demand uber clone app is to increase the business efficiency.  Gofer have following unique features which makes the script to stand alone among the pack.

How To Start Your Business In Your Area

Following are the two main steps helps you to start a business like Uber in your area.

  1. Buy A Script As Same as Uber or Build A Script
  2. Digital Marketing

Buy A Script With Unique Features:

Following are the features to be noted to buy a script to start a business like uber with a Uber clone script.

  • Easy to customize:

Gofer is easy to customize and can be used as all On demand business. It can be used in all shared economy business for better performance. With its continuous update and 24/7 support system, it attracts many entrepreneurs and help to start their journey.

  • Geo-Location:

One of the best feature of Gofer is the geo location tracking system. It’s the base of the working concept of Uber. Both rider and driver have the best tracking system for their comforting ride.

  • Instant Notification:

Message notification fills the gap between the driver and rider. With Nexmo technology both driver and rider gets the notification message before and after the trip.

  • Fare Estimation:

User can view their trip fare details before the trip begins. Estimates will be calculated in the basis of  car category, minimum fare, per minute, per km and base fare. The distance is calculated between the pickup and destination point using google API’s.

  • Secure Payment Method:

Gofer has different payment methods such as PayPal, Cash On Delivery and wallet. With these unique option the rider can do secure payment option.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the best and effective way to promote and gather both rider and drivers to use your business. Uber is the business with two way concentration method, the owner of the business is the trust medium for both driver and rider. So with effective digital marketing includes search engines, social media and ads in television channel will helps to increase your business circle and will help you to do business more effectively.

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