The Entrepreneur who likes to start the business with their career can choose this Delivery Script. This script makes an entrepreneur grow high with huge profits. In these current sources, the delivery sources are becoming so popular in their works and their sources are too demanding in this situation of the coronavirus. To become a successful entrepreneur, A delivery script is very useful to achieve the entrepreneur’s goal. Here Trioangle Technologies provides a delivery script for the entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams.


Trioangle Technologies is a web and mobile development company. Our Company provides a clone script for entrepreneurs who like to start a business. Trioangle is the gathering of young, enthusiastic, and hard-working techies with the one and only aim to deliver quality products & excellent service.


In our product, Let us see more detailed information about GoferDelivery – Reliable Uber App for Courier


The delivery platforms act as an important part of our people. The benefits of the delivery sources are making logistics to send a courier within a people’s need of time. This script was developed in a technical manner for only couriers. We will get the customers by delivering products like mobile phones, flowers, things, letters and all kinds of useful things to get in time.


Best Benefits In our Delivery Script


    • Instant Notification: The customer will get notifications for all the sources that go through the drive like the product was picked up by the customer, notifications will be there, and the delivered process, as well as the drivers, move. All information regarding the delivery will be notified.
    • Flexible Payment: Multiple payments are available in the delivery option to accept easy payment from the customer through PayPal, wallet, and cash. The customer can use any one of the options.
    • Ratings & Reviews: Gofer Delivery helps you to accumulate the experience of the user which helps you to monitor your strengths and weaknesses from the customer and they genuinely contribute to swank about your brand.
    • Schedule Order: This option can be used by the customer to pre-order the bookings to get before within time. They can make an order option like a book now or book later.
    • Chat Option: The option will be useful between the user and the delivery boy to communicate with the address or phone number. In a case without a mobile number can access through the chat option.
    • Live Tracking: We can track the delivery boy of his single moment with live tracking. The delivery boy locates a live tracking from pickup point to the destination.



Once the client receives the payment for the Delivery Script, Our team will give full customization support and technical support. If the client wishes to change options as they like, then it is also done through customization requests to our team.. If the client has an Add-on request, then it will be done and the complete process will be free of cost.


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