A business spark from the city of San Francisco now stands as an established firm in 2007. Airbnb – the concept of renting a space for bucks, turned to the inspiring business model for blooming entrepreneur. How is this possible?. It’s all with collaboration with technology by putting together a website which offered short-term living quarters, breakfast, and a unique business networking opportunity for those who were unable to book a hotel in the saturated market. The site Airbedandbreakfast.com officially launched on August 11, 2008.

With the inspiring business model, fine features, many wishes to commence a business like Airbnb. Before you start with your business plan, have a look at the blog. Here I have jotted down some of the standard features of Airbnb Clone.  Get technical support from Google ranked the best Airbnb Clone.

Some Of The Standard Features Of Best Airbnb Clone:

Intuitive Web panel: The software connects host and guest, with a single web panel user switch their roles easily in a single login.

iCalendar: Changes in the different integrated calendar can be maintained easily. Automatically sync the availability and unavailability of properties for effective property bookings.

Similar Listings: Host can list any number of space to rent briefly.

Multiple Admin: Admin is the one who monitors the whole system in a single monitor. A best working Airbnb clone provides features to split the task. An admin can share their work among sub-admin, those sub admins are monitored by admin. This way workload is reduced.

Report Export Option : Through this property rental software, players all will be benefited also generate revenue. The report generated in a timely basis can be exported as a pdf file or CSV file or any other format file. This helps in your betterment of the business.

Cloud Storage : Airbnb clone is constructed exclusively for today’s entrepreneur’s vision. Then it should be adaptable to current technology. Using the cloud for storage is best, effective practice to enrich the performance.

Social Media Integration : As e-commerce sites, most liked listing that you wish can be marked in wishlist also it can be shared to other friends in social media. By this act host and their listing will be promoted.

Google Map Integration : A property rental software with smart search options and the advanced filter will help in the quick selection of the desired listing among others. Host while list or guest while search accurate location detection is must needed feature, so that through the geometric coverage, guest can view a number of listing in a particular area, seamlessly.

Dispute Management : In any bitter situations between host and guest, admin only can manage both as per the policies in a smooth way.

With all these features best Airbnb clone stands full-packed, to uplift the desire of the young mind. Contact [email protected] for further queries.