What’s New: A new release from top-notch Airbnb clone exclusively for rental business visionaries. Host Experience is on live in Android and iOS platforms.

What is Host Experience :

Out of the box thinking from a vacation rental giant, Airbnb to create a rental community under diversity. Host Experience is one such grain, where the host can immerse their guest by sharing different experiences with inspiring local legends. Experiences, one of four separate units within Airbnb, is on track to be profitable by the end of 2019. As per the report from renters, Airbnb has seen $31 billion as profit in hosting experiences.

Who Can Host An Experience:

Get associated with Airbnb clone script to host an experience. It is not mandatory to be a host by renting a space and be a guest by booking a space. One who the host an experience can share their skills, hobbies without needing an extra room. From arts to sports, a wide range of skills and interests are listed that categorized perfectly for convenient use.

Augment the experience listing with customizable code which ensures that they all meet quality standards.

Earn With Host Experience:

  • Set Brand: Being unique in our area, grabs a lot of attention, which helps to reach people quickly. To stand out in the rental business and brand yourselves, use the best Airbnb clone that stands ahead in the market with “Host Experience”.
  • Boost Transparency Of Rental System: It is clear with the detailed listing of experience that includes about the experience, the one who hosts it, the exact location, activities gonna be done, things mandatory to feel it also will alluring snaps. The system additionally includes details about upcoming availability, cancellation policy, the flexibility of guests (no. of people accompany and spots to be visited).
  • Trustworthiness: Attract more people with a trustworthy rental system like Airbnb. Host Experience in Makent adds more reliability with ratings and reviews and realistic snaps that provide us virtual experience.
  • Promote The Experience: Save it to the bucket list for forthcoming trips or to experience it once again. As adding the most favorite space, the listed experience can also join the community. Pick the preferred listing and share it to social media to promote it.
  • Lucrative Module: With an innovative business module, entrepreneurs connect people in diverse cultures to share their skills. By the way, you get profited with a commission fee. In Best Airbnb clone, you can set percentage to the service fee and minimum charge.

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