A Google study reports that 70% of mobile users do mobile searches before purchasing any products from a store. If you want to utilize those smartphone users then, you should have done SEO for your business.

SEO is not a Complex topic and everyone can do SEO, if you have some website knowledge. SEO is very cheap and affordable for any business. If you want to know why your concern needs SEO then keep on reading.

What Is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization which helps to improve your site for search engine ranking page (SERP). In other words, SEO is optimizing your digital properties for the search engine.

Key Factors Of SEO For Your Business:

Increase Your Traffic:

According to Google, 18% of search traffic goes to no 1 position, 10% goes to second and 8 % to the third position and so on. So, it is important to rank higher to get more organic traffic to your site.

Build Credibility & Brand Awareness:

SEO brings you more quality links your site and build your brand and increase the popularity of your products. It will also increase the chance of choosing your business than your competitors. It will take commitment, time and effort to reach high authority for your site.

Organic Search:

Everyone is aware of the importance of organic search which has more chance to connect and convert. Google holds 75% of total searches in the world and it is important for a business to rank in Google.

User Experience:

The user experience is closely linked with Search engine ranking of your site. So, SEO’s have to work with a user experience which also helps in site performance.

Local SEO:

The local SEO is nothing but all website and mobile apps targeted towards local people or country. To promote local SEO, SEO pro’s use Google business listings, social media profiles and local backlinks.

Buying Cycle:

SEO plays an important role in buying cycle of a customer. More than 70% of smartphone users do mobile searches before making a purchase decision. Promos and coupons help the buyer to make a decision and build a connection with the users.

SEO Is Measurable:

You can calculate your SEO efforts using tools like Google analytics, Ahref which helps you to know about the buying cycle. You can also get to know more about customer and customer behavior which helps in paid advertising.

Benefits Of SEO:

  • As the digital market changes with the trend, SEO helps you to be updated with the latest trends and to maintain your digital presence.
  • SEO helps you in long terms and it will provide results based time and effort spent on SEO.
  • SEO gives more opportunity to develop a brand and improves its reach. Even if you are on page 3, you can get some traffic to your site.
  • As SEO helps with the visibility of your site, you site attribution points will increase and provides you the opportunity for more sales
  • Search engine optimization helps you to improve the overall performance of site like site speed and improves security and user experience.


One of the key reasons for success is adapting to the latest technology and keeps on improving. If you want to lead a business then think about your SEO strategies. If you want to read relevant topics, peek at our digital marketing blog.