The tow truck application is used for towing vehicles that are not properly parked, met with an accident, and other problems. It is difficult to take a vehicle from one place to another which is not in a good condition. The uber like app for tow truck script is created with the same as Uber’s core features and can easily uplift the business.

The uber for Tow trucks application is needed for the drivers if there is any problem in a riding vehicle. The solution is to tow the vehicle to the nearest service station to solve the problem or on-spot service also provided for customers choice. This solution helps to have an uber like app for towing a vehicle and get the truck when it is required.

The login features are admin login, user login, driver log in, and company login. If you have a mindset to start the tow trucking service business online you can better choose a company login feature for your online business.

Salient Core Features Of Tow Trucking Script:

Multiple Signup/ Login:

     Users can get into the towing administration with numerous information exchange arrangements like email Id login, Facebook login and so forth. The Application permits just confirmed users to the on-request towing Application.

Geo Live Tracking :

       Users can book the administration with precise area planning of the driver. Additionally, users can screen each and every move of the provider co-op with geo live following administrations.

Toggling Availability Status :

        Provider organizations can set their accessibility ON or OFF with a straightforward motion. Flip the status and show your essence to the framework.

Instant Chat/Call :

          Offer the perspectives rapidly and users can speak with one another with chat and call choices accessible.

Easy Profile Management :

          The Users and Provider co-ops can set and deal with their own profile in an issue-free way. They can modify their profile in a solitary tap.

Secure Payment :

          Along with various Payment gateways, users can make simple exchanges through the installment administration. payments should be possible through cards, wallets or net banking.

Booking Cancellation :

          Provider organizations have the opportunity to drop the solicitation that they have gotten. According to their benefit, users can likewise drop the booking put.

Ratings and Reviews :

           Users can rate or review the service providers for the service they’ve done to show the profiles with some customer experience.          

Who Provides Best Tow Truck Script Business?

        Trioangle gives on interest tow trucks application improvement. Where you can get your exceptional application which is vigorous to use. This User-Friendly application gives a full change office as indicated by the customer’s need. The App will offer a phenomenal stage for customers, through which you can get your modified tow truck application at whatever point you require. 

Trioangle is the master you need to contact when in the event that you need your own personal on interest tow trucks application. Trioangle gives you a guaranteed adaptable script to improve your business and backing day in and day out with the establishment of your worker. Trioangle is likewise included to distribute your marked logo or name any place you need it. 

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