Once every woman wishes for someone to deliver the food on their doorstep to get rid of the burden to cook inside a steaming kitchen. Online food delivery is a short dream of every woman around the world that came true. Who would not love to get their food delivered to the doorstep?

The Foodpanda clone script does the functions of all other online food delivery apps. The restaurants will link their profile with the application so the users can see the list of foods available in the restaurant. The user can select the food that they like from the desired restaurant and can proceed with the payment.

Once the order is placed, the restaurant owner confirms the order and starts preparing the food. After the food is ready to be delivered, the delivery person picks up the order to deliver it to the customer’s destination.

In this blog, we are going to know the working process and features of the Foodpanda clone application. Trioangle provides you with the best food delivery application with advanced features that will generate revenue.

How Our Foodpanda Clone App Works?

The Foodpanda clone app has four interfaces for running a food delivery business, the Customer app, Delivery app, restaurant panel, and admin panel.

  • The user downloads the application from the play store, then registers with basic details with the address so that the delivery can be given to the specified location, the customers can also add multiple addresses in advance as the customers can get delivery by selecting the location he wants.


  • The filter option is available for the customers for searching the exact dish and also can select the restaurant they need which saves time of searching the restaurant.


  • The customers can pay in multiple payment methods and the payment method is secured. The restaurant and the admin get the information about the mode of payment.


  • The customer gets an instant notification on each process of the food delivery app so that the customers will gain trust in the application.


  • The delivery partners use GPS navigation to reach the customer’s place in the shortest way to deliver the food on time. The user will get the food delivered by the delivery partner on the doorstep.

Features Widening the Food Delivery Industry:


The user needs to create an account for purchasing food through the Foodpanda clone application. The user information and the active bank account details must be filled by the users to deposit payments for performing payments on order foods.

Accept or Reject Orders:

The Delivery partner can accept or decline the delivery request in case of any circumstances, so that other drivers may collect the food from the restaurant and deliver it to the customer.

Multi-Language Support:

The user can change the language as per their convenience as the application is used all around the world. The admin and the delivery partner also have the option to change the language in the application.

Secure Payment:

The application allows the user to perform payment through multiple methods, the user can pay by online payment, cards, or else by cash on delivery. This makes the payment methods easy for the users.

Ratings and Reviews:

The user can rate and review the application and the delivery partner based on the service provided by them. The reviews on the restaurant will be visible by other users who use the application this will help others decide whether to order food or not. This helps the restaurants to improve themselves and rectify the mistakes made by them.

Final Thoughts

We came to know the working process and features of the Foodpanda clone application from the above-mentioned blog. Foodpanda clone app is built and tested on many parameters without bugs by Trioangle technologies. Our exclusive support team supports you 24/7 to guide you in every stage of your project.

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