More Restaurants are available in our market without advertising and take profits in those particular areas. To Enhance the business in the online digitized medium to take huge profits in the food delivery business. Restaurant Partners can start their business in an online medium with food delivery scripts like uber eats to make more users for the restaurant. Restaurant partners can get the best food delivery script from the best web and mobile development company

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Food Delivery Script

Our food delivery script Is done with the best top-notch features for the startups. Is done with the uber eats process. Our script was available on the web, android, and iOS platforms. It is done with the latest and advanced technologies. Our uberEats Clone is available in four panels like Eater, Restaurant, Driver and has a separate web panel for admin to monitor the applications. 

In Our UberEats Clone, The revenues for the entrepreneurs as,

Booking Or Services Fee

In GoferEats, Admin can get a commission expense from the restaurant accomplices at the expense of everything that is requested by the Eaters. 

Restaurant Commission Fee

GoferEats has created to help restaurant accomplices pull in more eaters and arrive at a bigger client by posting their eatery arrangements or the proposed list. 

Delivery Fee  

GoferEats helps the administrator to charge a level delivery expense from its clients for their request. The conveyance charges will shift contingent upon the eater’s area and accessibility. 

Driver Commission Fee

The sum that GoferEats says it charges their drivers is 25%(can be changed according to the administrator’s wish), however, it really takes somewhat more than that from their income.

Highlights for the Users

Various signup 

Straightforward and viable sign up should be possible utilizing the Mail, Phone number, or Facebook Id. This goes about as a section entryway to appreciate the captivating assistance. 

Propelled Search 

The client can ride all the close-by café, restaurants and see the insights about the eatery from the food delivery app. 

Select from Multiple Category 

Scribbling the whole menu list is tedious. So our script empowers the client to limit their pursuit by choosing the good cooking as per their hunger and their taste buds. 

Drop an Additional Note 

A portion of the clients is sensitive to specific fixing in their dietary menu. Some want to include extra garnish in their grub. So the prerequisite can include an extra note while requesting the nourishment. 

Timetable request 

In the event that the client felt that he would be occupied the whole day, he can pre-book his preferred nourishment from the preferred café or restaurant by indicating the hour of conveyance. 

Ongoing Order Tracking 

Our script empowers the client to follow the status of the request. That is they have dispatched the nourishment from the eatery, where the food is voyaging. 

Simple and Secure Payment 

Safe and secure payment gateways with multiple payment choices are implemented in our food delivery app. The User can pay the installment through PayPal or stripe or else can pay the charge through money COD.  

Bookmark your Address 

The client wouldn’t like to type the conveyance address without fail. The script empowers you to bookmark the location and utilize that for the following request. 

Rate or Review 

The User has the full space to audit before getting the administration, and rate the administration that they obtained, and can share their feedback. 

Admirable Tips Option

The User can add the tips for the driver in checkout by “Add Tip”. If the user added the tips. The tips amount was also added during the total payment in the checkout option.

Takeaway or Delivery Option

If the store partner has the delivery type options like the “Takeaway or Delivery” option. Using the takeaway option, the user can order when they are willing to take their ordered items from the store. By using the Delivery option, the user will get the orders on the doorstep.

Highlights for the Restaurant 

Numerous signup 

To select the administration, one can make a simple sign up utilizing the substantial Email or telephone number or through the Facebook Id. 

Profile Management 

The eatery can enroll the unequivocal subtleties of the café with address, contact data, accessible menu with the fresh portrayal, and pictures. This profile can be altered or sorted out as it needs to be. 

Moment Notification 

Regular notifications are likewise one of the indications of value administration. So expedient notice with respect to the subtleties of the request is sent to the restaurant to prepare the new nourishment. 

Include Offers 

Offers pulled in clients. So on any event or on an uncommon day, the eatery can include the offer subtleties and the expiry date for the proposal to build their business rate. 

Screen Reports 

The Restaurant can oversee the whole reports of their business and screen the Insight to investigate their business execution every day, month to month, or yearly premise. 

Driver Tracking 

The script empowers the café and restaurant to follow the navigation of the driver, so that, if there should be an occurrence of any defer the eatery can be liable to the client and make measures. 

The highlights of driver and users are mentioned in this blog. Restaurant and administrator panel highlights can be checked in our uber eats clone or can check with the demo through

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