Airbnb is the world’s biggest accommodation offering or arranging site. It works on the concept of sharing economy. It connects the hosts and the guests for short-term rentals. Airbnb is purely not a kind of real estate but acts as an intermediate for the guest & host.

Airbnb has shown that one can start a business on rental without owning a single property.


How is it possible?

With the great flip over the peer-peer model in the digital platform and new approach towards renting and hospitality are welcomed by people around.

Here in Airbnb, the host lists their space to the site and allows strangers to stay for a short period. The hotel owners where bombshelled on the acceptance on space rental through online platform.

Through an interface, bridging a gap between host and guest is a tedious process. Entrepreneurs of Airbnb, handled it beautifully and carefully. They not only fills the blanks, it also builds trust on renting and booking, openness, humanness, flexibility, security on the online platform. 

These array of elements can be success factors of the holiday rental website. But, basically Airbnb affords primary needs in a space and hard core family traditions with hospitality.

These success elements and large number turn-over are due to the placement of the interface at right platform which reaches the correct audience at the exact time period.


Why To Replicate The Success Of Airbnb?

What ever may be the platform, the concept of rentals has never laid down. So grabbing such superlative business idea with well-drafted business module like Airbnb is appreciable. 

If you wish to start businesses like Airbnb, you can step forward because,


Platforms Flexibility:   

As Airbnb is suitable for people who search for luxurious space or a shared room.

Airbnb is clear that it shows it service fee while booking. Likewise it afford space for guest and host to negotiate regarding property, check-ins & check-outs etc.


Focus On Customer Needs: 

The success of Airbnb is not over night. From the point of their journey, they have been focusing on the user needs. 

Airbnb is a typical example for today’s startup to focus on,

How you need to understand your users? 

How to update your product according to their requirements?

They have used website & mobile app to connect & comfort the people. They have increased the number of bookings and listing with attractive pictures Also enhanced security with insurance for host, 24/7 support and much more


Automating The Process:

In the online rental platform, Airbnb matches host and guest for rental space.

With the intuitive website and robustive backend connected, the system fetches out details as per the request. Thus, system easily engages with people. So that listing, booking will be increased, also profit margins for owners .

With an automated process, they scale up their business easily. Now they have extended their services for boats, hotels, events and open home (for homeless refugees)


Integrated Payment Options:

In Airbnb, bookings and payments are done with in the interface itself. As per external reports, here there is less opportunity for scams. 

As we all know, Airbnb earns millions through service fee from the host and guest. With the integrated payment gateways they comfort the users. Also with ensured payment system, guest known their transaction flow. Equally, host can be sure with their payouts from the owner.


Built Trust:

In an online rental platform Airbnb develops trust with rating and review. The honest and detailed reviews on property, guest and host builds trust on system. As a chain process the trust pushes user to get involved to Airbnb, thus refines the profit.


How To Replicate The Success Of Airbnb?

Recreating the magic of Airbnb is bit difficult but possible. To recreate, you need a customer focused site/app and start business like them.

One, you can build your own app or get an app like Airbnb in online marketplace


Develop From Scratch:

One who is technically strong and willing to spend lots of energy and time can develop a clone app. There are many blogs and guides available in the online platform like you can refer to it if required

Here is an example: 7 Steps To Build Your Own Airbnb Clone From Scratch

    • App Like Airbnb : You can find the best Airbnb clone in Five ways,


Ask Google:

With the right keyword, if you place your query on Google search. A list of answers will be displayed. Don’t choose the link randomly. Pick some, compare features, functions, and pricing.


Clone Script Directories:

As you are searching for Airbnb clone, the clone script listing sites, directories will spot you best of the best.


Other Sites:

Through impressive and informative blogs, reviews and other submission sites, you can identify the best Airbnb clone.


Word Of Mouth:

The more powerful and trust able tool reviews irrespective of the platform. If it from known persons, those words are more reliable.


Last One:

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