Zoom Clone App

In recent days, people find it easy to communicate with people whether in a group to share their thoughts and even to educate others, the people in the group can also interact in the session which makes the session interactive and full-fledged.

The digital world allows instant communication and quick sharing of information by using digital platforms. Business conferences, new launching ceremonies can be conducted through online mode. This makes online-video conferencing as familiar. One such platform now available is zoom.

In this blog, we can come to know how to design the best zoom clone application. Let us discuss the features of the Zoom Like App briefly below. Entrepreneurs who need to develop a world-class video communication contact Trioangle.

Brief View: Pre-Plans for Effective Video Conferencing

Figure Out Business Model:

The business model of the application decides the success of the organization. It is important to plan based on the market trends by understanding the current conditions. We have to study the specialization of the competitors and their weaknesses. Trioangle builds the zoom clone application according to it.

Implement New Features:

We should not only provide the user with all the basic features required for the function of the application. The basic features will not increase the number of audiences using the zoom clone application, the addition of new features will attract more users which is provided by Trioangle.

Advanced UI/UX Design:

The zoom application developed must be comfortable and attract users from different age groups. The application should be enabled with options with easy-to-use tools and perform basic tasks like creating meeting links, sharing them with others, and exiting the meeting.

Immense Testing:

Before the installation of the zoom clone application, it is necessary to test intensely by well-trained testers to remove all the bugs technically. After the testing is done, the zoom clone application will be providing the best service.

Provide Support:

Even after the installation of the zoom clone application, we have to provide technical support, maintenance services, bug-fixing, and issues on new updates. This gives a good impression to customers for providing the best service.

Features from Trioangle That Make Zoom Clone Best 

Frequent Updates:

By providing updates frequently, the safety features and functionalities will be updated. The updates will be known to the user through notifications. After the update is finished, we can check the features included in the application to increase the ability.

Secured Meeting:

When the host creates a meeting link, they can secure them by setting passwords. This helps the hackers and unwanted people to join the link. No third party can interrupt the communication because of the usage of highly secured passwords.

Access Granted to Hosts:

The host who creates the meeting link has most of the access to control the activities of the application. The host has the permit to request to join the meetings. This helps to restrict unauthorized entries into the communication platform.


The application gives pop-up notifications to the users by showing a caution not to share personal information on social media platforms and messaging platforms. There are hackers and scammers who can misuse personal details and harm the reputation of the communication platform.


The host sometimes forgets to inform the participants about recording the videos. The host must notify the users that the session is being recorded. The notifications will be sent to the user’s device that the session is being recorded, we can also provide the display of the recording symbol at the top of the session.

Wrapping Up

It is the correct time to develop a communication application by using the Zoom Clone App developed by Trioangle technology. Entrepreneurs who are interested to start a communication platform business zoom clone application will be the best choice, just by contacting us via the below-given details

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