The business world is a peculiar frontier where change is inevitable and uncontrolled. And eCommerce is a macro factor that has made the traditional shopping modes obsolete.

It has spread its influence in changing the purchase behavior of the general audience to a mode where he\she doesn’t have to come into contact with a seller to purchase a product.

In this field of competition, what can an entrepreneur do to make him stand apart in the eCommerce business world?

The best way to stand out from the crowd is to develop an eCommerce clone and the most preferred clone is the Amazon clone script.

This clone comes with a variety of features and benefits that help both the user and the merchant to accomplish the business he\shes intends to.

But, before we learn about the reason why the business world loves amazon clones we should know about the Amazon clone to proceed further.

About Amazon Clone:

Amazon clone is considered to be the best built among all other eCommerce clones because it comes with a variety of advanced features that can help the admin, merchant, and the user to carry out the business they intend to do without any issues.

This clone is said to be very robust and agile to run and manage the eCommerce marketplace. 

It mainly focuses on 3 aspects the admin, the merchant, and the user.

The admin is given a set of features through which he can manage the products of merchants, manage merchants, commission fees, and also monitor the users and their engagement. 

The merchant has a panel through which he\she can manage products and also see how a particular product is performing in the business.

The user has a very advanced search and filter option and can also compare products, make easy payments and also track their orders.

And it also includes a variety of benefits along with applications for both desktop and mobile.

I hope you got a brief idea about the Amazon clone script. So, let’s look into the reasons why it is the most preferred among all the other eCommerce clone scripts in the market.

Reasons Why The Business World Loves Amazon Clone:

  • It provides a holistic view of the performance of the business for the admin and merchant to observe and make the right changes and implement new offers and deals to boost sales.
  • Easy commission and fixed subscriptions systems to make and track the payments between the admin and the merchant and reduce friction.
  • Order tracking and shipping setup for the merchant. So they can easily add new products and offers based on the recent trends of the market\product.
  • One main factor considered by all businesses is the reviews of customers and merchants, who should be able to easily view the ratings and reviews from customers to assess the performance of the products and can make strategic decisions.
  • An overview of the payment history that has been completed successfully and incomplete payments to identify any issues and do promotions to make the customer complete his\her journey.

These are some of the major reasons why the Amazon clone script is the most preferred among all other eCommerce scripts. 

Trioangle Technologies has created the best ready-to-use Amazon clone script with all the reasons and benefits in mind.

Cliqbuy-Amazon clone is the best and most robust clone that has a variety of features for the admin, merchant, and the user. 

So, let me describe some features that correlate with the reasons discussed above;

Gives an overview of the performance of the site like Products, Total sales, Earnings, Successful orders, Orders, Products, Shop, Payment. This data can be used by the admin to control and enhance the performance of the product or merchant and implement new strategies.

Commission History
This page gives details about the admin commission that has been paid and the earnings and can be filtered by date range. Gives the merchant a detailed history of the commission that they have paid for a particular product and their earnings in the purchase process.

Subscription History
This feature can help you see the subscription plan that you have opted for with the admin and can change it with the access of the admin. The user can easily view the plan they have joined and it can be customized with the approval of the admin.

Product Reviews
Reviews and ratings given by the user can be viewed through this. Merchants can view the product’s reviews and ratings and can also make the appropriate decision for increasing the product’s performance or to delete the product from the list.

Manage Shipping
Helps set up the shipping configurations, shipping countries, API, and cities the service has been offered. The shipping cost can also be determined and set by the admin for different products and ranges. The admin can establish his services in different countries and can easily manage the shipping through this function.

These are the features that Cliqbuy-Amazon Clone is providing you to run and manage your own online multi-vendor marketplace.

You have been cast with the light of amazon clone and I hope you are intrigued to try the demo now.

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