In the Modern world, classified apps are introduced to take the user’s online shopping experience to the next level. One of the best-classified apps in the market is LetGo, which is an online C2C business platform that helps users to buy or sell the used products efficiently. With its fascinating features, LetGo is a most welcomed application by users and constantly generating revenue.

Entrepreneurs or Business people confused about starting a business, classified business is the best choice for them. Wishing to start an online classified business like LetGo is easier with the ready-made letgo clone script from the development company to launch business instantly.

Who provides?

Trioangle is one of the leading web and mobile app development companies that provide several familiar clone scripts for entrepreneurs to start their own business instantly. Our Letgo clone script is designed with advanced technology and all the captivating features are integrated with it. Also, our script supports both the desktop and the mobile platform(android & ios).

Fascinating Features:-

  • Buy now option – This feature is used to purchase the desired product instantly by making online payments.
  • Featured Ads – This helps the sellers to display their listing at the top.
  • Chat option – In the letgo clone app, Buyers directly contact the seller using this option
  • Filter option – Users can get their moreover appropriate product by applying different filters in the application like location-based search, pricing, sort by and etc.
  • Crypto Wallet integration – Buyers can make the payment using the PayPal, stripe, or Crypto wallet payment. Paypal & Stripe are the default payment gateway method, to the crypto wallet is an additional and customization payment method.

How does it work?

Letgo is a mobile classified application that allows users to buy or sell second-hand products locally. The application operates in both android and ios devices, also available in desktop medium. The Business model of the letgo clone script from scratch to the end,

  • Application is the bridge between the buyers and sellers locally.
  • Users have to register/sign in to the application using their email-id, phone number, or social logins.
  • From the admin perspective both the buyers and sellers are considered to be users.
  • If the users want to sell the products at the time considered to be Seller, which they can add a simple description and upload a picture of the product they wish to sell. Along with the listing they have to enter the price they expect in return however, this takes mere 30 seconds. The seller can make multiple listings at a time.
  • On the other hand, buyers can browse through the list of several products and can save the ones that they like.
  • If the buyer finds any product in the best deal, then the buyers can contact the seller directly through the application using the chat option.
  • In the chat, once they are comfortable with the product & settle for a price then the seller ships the product to the buyer’s location at the fixed time, and the buyer can make the payment using the Buy-Now option. Also, there is a chance for both of them to negotiate the request in the chat.
  • Admin holds the buyer payment until they receive the product. Once they receive it, the admin takes their commission and transfers the amount to the seller.

This is the business model and captivating features of our online classified script. If you want to start a similar business then contact us. We are the best choice for you for more information Email at [email protected] or Whatsapp at 6379630152.