Makent Space is a Space Rental Script to start a business on renting space like Office Space, Birthday parties, Team meetings, Musical performance, etc. Our software provides the best functionalities with more features to reach their customers easily. Before moving towards the Space Rental software let’s first know what is Makent Space.

What is Makent Space?

Makent Space is one of the best peer to peer Space Rental Services. We make it possible for people to rent space from other people with confidence.

 Let’s see the workflow of Makent Space  or just tap Space Rental Script

Workflow Of Makent Space :

Space Providers will list their spaces through all their information with location, size, price, etc. The event organizer will book spaces with their information with a make of instant booking or request to booking option will be approved within 24hrs or else canceled. When the user is booking a space with an instant booking option the money will pay through credit card or PayPal option to admin. If the event organizer selects a request to book,you should wait for a host approval, once the host makes an approval and it’s direct to payment options.  The Admin will deduct his commission and money transferred to Space Providers. Based on their cancelation policy, the amount will be transferred to the Event organizer and Space provider only by admin. Admin has permission to block the space provider and event organizer for any irrelevant and any kind of issues.

Admin Roles:

In this rental script, admin has more features to manage their users, account, languages, currencies and any other disputes, etc. Admin has all permissions to perform system modifications to create, delete, update settings. The admin can manage the users, booking, cancellations, currencies, languages, fees, referral settings, communities, guest access, services, etc. Admin can make more profit with Event organizers and Space providers.


Event organizer:    

  • Booking a space with advanced search & filter options through Location & Select your activity option will be available there.
  • When the event organizer books the space, there will be a detailed option like event type to know the usage of that space like Office Space, Birthday parties, Team meetings, etc.
  • There will be a check-in and check-out option for a single day and multiple days.
  • The Booking space can be shared through Facebook, Twitter, Email, and Pinterest
  • Favorite booking spaces can add to the Wishlist option and you can message you host for any queries about your booking space.
  • Cancellation policy option is available. Based on the cancellation there are three options: flexible, Moderate, Strict. In a flexible option full refund 1 day prior to arrival, except fees, In Moderate option full refund 5 days prior to arrival, except fees. In Strict option 50% refund up until 1 week prior to arrival, except fees.
  • There is a (Travel credit) Referral option that earns everyone you invite and send a friend space credit. You will earn a bonus when they book and when they host.

Space Provider:

  • The Space Provider can list his space like Apartment, Commercial loft, Photo studio, Auditorium more and more spaces can be listed with extra options. 
  • Space provider can add the number of rooms, Restrooms, Floor number, and estimated square feet of listing spaces.
  • For easy access to space for event organizers Garage door, Delivery Access, Elevator, Parking NearBy, Stairs & can fix a maximum number of guests. 
  • Space Providers can offer a space with more amenities like Essentials TV, Cable TV, Air Conditioning, Heating, Kitchen, Internet, Wireless Internet, Hot Tub, Washer, Pool, Dryer, Breakfast, Free Parking on Premises, Gym, Elevator in Building, etc. & extra services can be offered by space provider like food, lightning system with additional extra services can be listed.
  • The exact location of your space will only be shared with an event organizer once the event organizer is confirming the event.
  • Attractive and original photos with good clarity can be added with the space provided. Space can be described as Classic, Industrial, Intimate, Luxurious, Modern, Raw, Rustic, Whimsical & add the additional space features do you have in listing space.
  • Space rules and regulations can be added for event organizers. Activities should add for event organizers, In our space what kind activities can be conducted and listed.
  • Set the price through per hour option or per day option & minimum hourly rates. Space prices can be listed in 36 currencies.
  • Based on the cancellation there are three options: flexible, Moderate, Strict. In a flexible option full refund 1 day prior to arrival, except fees, In Moderate option full refund 5 days prior to arrival, except fees. In Strict option 50% refund up until 1 week prior to arrival, except fees.
  •  2 options are there to book, Instant booking and Request to book, you can choose with your options, Space Provider can add a security deposit through your listed space.


Admin will have a separate login page with user-id and password. In that, there will be a dashboard option. In the dashboard can control the total & today users, reservations, spaces. Admin can manage the users, admins, spaces, disputes, communities, login sliders, homepage sliders, space type, guest access, services, rules, currencies, languages, static pages, fees & Special features. admin can add a user for an admin process to sub-admin, Accountant for separating all features in the admin panel. Admin will handle all payment gateway options and payment links. Bulk email options are available for all users for advertisement, the newsletter can send in easy email option methods. In site settings site name, secondary logo, the cover page can be edited at any time. In case of any kind of maintenance on the website, there is a maintenance mode option you can activate the option. Once the Space provider is listing the spaces will be pending mode, the spaces should be approved only by admin and make it popular and recommended. There are more features for admin, kindly check us in

What We Offer?

We are offering a Space Rental Script with advanced technologies.Technologies are PHP, Angular JS, Laravel, HTML, Css3 for admin & users with java,swift technologies are used.

In this script Trioangle technologies provides a separate Admin web panel to manage the Space Rental Script. As soon as we will offer IOS & Android applications. For 1 year we will provide you with full technical support.  100% source code with free installation, & customization.Latest release log as Stable 1.0 web admin panel, user & host web with bug fixes.

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