The need for online handyman services is increasing day by day. 

Yes, because of the busy lifestyle, many people didn’t have enough time to pick handymen directly for the purposes like carpentry, painting, electricals, or plumbing. The evolving app habit has eventually modernized all our usual routines and made surges in calling the handy people too. 

The IBIS world report proves, that the on-demand handyman services will be valued at $4 billion by 2028. It is a CAGR growth rate of 32% per year. Among these, the USA possesses a significant handyman service market in the world. 

If you are probing to start an online handyman business, then it would be the best plan to earn higher revenue.

But in this competing era, it is hard to win among the numerous handyman services. This is the blog that described the ways to make money in this on-demand industry and assist to have a better knowledge before entering the industry. 

1. Identify Your Niche

Beginning handyman services initially depends on identifying your niche. It means, what your region wants, or what is the on-demand handyman services that your locality really expects. 

Determining this niche by analyzing people’s demographic manner, will stimulate you to go with the better one. This also helps you in knowing the core strengths, and focus on specific handyman services.

Let’s make your move with the particular services and have your position as an expert in that region. 

2. Provide Exceptional Customer Service

It is essential to make your handyman platform as an exceptional service provider. Because providing qualified services will influence your platform name and create the customer’s loyalty to your brand.

Here are some pin points which will make your handyman service more unique. 

  • Be reliable and punctual in your client’s booking schedules and appointments. Avoid delays and miscommunication while you are under the service schedule, and keep informing them properly. 
  • Professionalism and Appearance are the next two essentials that will make you distinct from the crowd. Make your handy person dressed to suit appropriately for the job, and ask them to maintain a neat appearance. Do everything more professionally from asking the customer’s details to confirming their booking with the right mails and messages. 
  • Do follow up for certain days, to know about the condition of the repaired product. A follow-up call or mail after completing the job will show your dedication and create customer satisfaction. 
  • Give personalized services to your clients, which will give the customer preferences. And made your services meet the client’s specific requirements. 
  • Put safety first. Prioritizing safety in your work practices by following the industry standards and being careful of the potential hazards during the job will make your brand’s reputation big. 

3. Showcase Your Expertise

As a handyman service provider, it is highly significant to showcase your expertise. For example, if you want to shine, especially in painting and home decor services, you should show your unique expertise in it. 

Though you are doing all the essentials service for the home like plumbing, and electrical, the expertise field will name your business, which helps to admire more users to leverage other services. 

So, give separate efforts for your expertise in home decor via the website, social media channels, and online portfolios, which will tend your business in getting potential consumers. 

4. Create A Professional Online Handyman Platform

Even though your handyman services are too good, your business will lose potential customers, if you are weakened in possessing the user-friendly online app/website. 

Because a well-designed website is crucial for your online handyman business. A digital presence in the shape of a mobile app/website should be visually appealing and easy to navigate. 

Develop your handyman app with core and advanced features that raise up with engaging user experience. A user-friendly interface will help both the service providers and the customers with clear calls to action that drives the simple booking process.

5. Crystal Clear Price

Pricing is the other crucial one, which people are watching keenly. If you are not providing a transparent pricing system then your services will be a questionable one to access. Because many handyman platforms were fixing one cost for the desired service, but the customers were charged by added cost. 

So always keep your handyman services with a clear pricing strategy and possess a fixed one. This will make many customers appreciate knowing what to expect upfront without any hidden costs.

6. Stay Up-To-Date With Industry Trends

Updating with the current trend will always leave any business to the potential stage. So, consistently educate your handymen people with the right technologies and with the latest tools and materials. 

This will help you to be unique among other players and make your handyman services highly professional to the consumers. 

7. Train Your Handymen To Upsell And Cross-Sell Services

This is one of the biggest strategies to earn higher revenue. After the completion of every job, suggest your consumers with additional services. For instance, if you are fixing a faucet leakage, you could recommend your consumer for a full plumbing inspection. 

This will increase your revenue, simultaneously it would influence your business to the next stage. 

8. Leverage Online Advertising

Handyman services with a clear online advertising strategy will move your business with conceivable consumers. Allocate a separate budget for targeted online campaigns including Google Ads, Facebook Ads, flyers, and mail promotions. These types of promotions will reach all types of audiences, but the only part to focus on is to target specific demographics. 

9. Expand And Offer Variety of Services

Expand your offerings beyond basic handyman tasks to cater to a broader audience. If feasible, consider extending your service area to reach a broader customer base. This can increase your potential market and revenue opportunities.

Expanding the size of your handymen team and services will explore the feasibility of reaching new areas which help in accessing untapped customer segments. 


With the above tips, you might understand some crucial things that should be followed during the development of online handyman business services. By following these efficient steps you might possess a professional and systemic approach to reach potential consumers. 

Remembering these tips will qualify your handymen service providers and helps in building a strong reputation. These ultimate tips will assist you in gaining high revenue and also grow your business organically through many referral mediums and positive reviews. Let you initiate a good step for long-term success in the handyman industry.