Shopping for second-hand products is rapidly growing and has become a notable segment of the market. The purpose of this post is to determine what influences consumers when shopping in a second-hand marketplace for products in-store and online. According to the existing literature, a number of key factors play significant roles in second-hand apparel shopping consumer decisions. They include social, costs, trends, and environmental influencers.

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The second-hand market is considered space where products that have been previously owned or used, are resold by the owner’s for-profit business.  It is driven by shoppers meeting their needs, or those who are passionate about shopping for second-hand products. It is growing every year and the percentage of the population involved in this market continues to increase. Second-hand shopping and decision making encompasses sustainability, human geography, and retail geography. Many influencers are using a second-hand marketplace to buy clothing and accessories. Influencers are embracing the type of shopping into the new way and providing tips to buy second-hand products. 

  • Second-hand Shopping is a different kind of experience to see.
  • Be sure to give yourself a little time because you’ll need it to browse effectively. Select the best type of product that suits you well.
  • Always be prepared to try on things.

Entrepreneurs can start a second-hand marketplace with an online classified script for influencers to be profitable in the business community. Social influence is a large component for consumers while shopping in regards to online stores to shop at and to purchase.

Income is a factor and a key indicator for second-hand consumers but their perceptions of value are of importance. Consumers still want to be presentable, but they want to purchase items of value, re-using resources is an added benefit. With the one-of-a-kind nature of second-hand, online shopping is high compared to in-store shopping because the maintenance of website platforms with individual items are filtered for the consumers easily rather than the conventional market. 

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