For a person planning to start a business, providing multiple services through a single application is a dream. The rise of multi-service providers has recently become the hot talk of the town.

In this blog, we are going to discuss Gojek clone providing all scale services through a single solution as explained below, that allows users to order food, alcohol, medicines, and book services like taxis. The user will get doorstep delivery with a few taps on the mobile.

Tune Up Your Own On-demand Business With Various Services:

Taxi Booking: 

The Taxi booking App solutions help the taxi industry for assured growth Using this digital platform. This acts as a user-friendly interface to all the players involved in the taxi industry like customers, drivers, and admin. The service provider can generate huge revenue by gaining a huge customer base quickly.

Online Food Ordering:

Online food ordering allows the user to order their favorite food from their desired restaurants, where it helps the food industry for assured growth. This acts as a user-friendly interface to all players involved in the foo business like customers, restaurants, drivers, and admin. 

Home Care Service Booking:

People nowadays find it difficult to afford the time to search for a service provider in their busy schedules. To check the availability and book a service provider a few taps on the mobile make the booking of the service possible. To make people’s livelihood easy, different home services are provided by the application that brings convenience and quick solutions to the user.

On-demand  Delivery Services:

All kinds of products displayed in a single window can be displayed in a single window so that it can be helpful to get the delivery of the product easily using a single application. The users will get the products delivered at their doorstep by the service providers.

Value-Added Metrics to Empower Multi Services: 

Track Drivers On Board:

The application used by the customer has an option to track the delivery partner, this helps to know the status of the service or product booked by the customer. This helps the users to assign the time for receiving products and services on the assigned time. If the user is not available on the day of delivery the users can change the date of receiving services or products.

Custom Food and Booking Templates:

The On-demand Multi-service provider permits the users to deliver multiple parcels to single or multiple destinations. Here, the delivery partner collects the parcel from the store and delivers the product to the customer’s destination.

From the store inside the user circle, the user can place an order where it can provide delivery services for groceries, food, pharmacy, alcohol, etc. The templates to order and book food and services will be user-friendly so that they can be used by users of all ages.

All the products and services can be displayed in a single window in the Gojek clone app. This helps users to access the services through a single app. This saves the time of users and helps to get multi-services easily.

Top-Rated Professionals Finding: 

The user can find the top-rated professionals for going through their delivery process to get a smooth service. The user can find the service provider based on the star ratings that are provided by the people who used the service previously.

Trust-Worthy Delivery:

The user will be able to track the service providers by using live geo-locations, the customers can contact the service providers by using in-app calls or by in-app text that helps the customer to get on-time delivery of products or services that will build trust among the users.


This blog explains the various services provided through a single application which is explained above with the feature-rich metrics, that allow the users to order food, alcohol, medicines, and book services like taxis. Trioangle provides entrepreneurs with 24/7 support during and after app launches. To know more about us

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