Purchasing Groceries is part of our life. People are busy, so doorstep delivery services are becoming essential. But how we can use it to help businesses to generate revenue. Let us know about the BigBasket clone application and how it helps to drive more revenue in the grocery delivery business.

What Is An On-demand Grocery Delivery App?

On-demand grocery apps like Bigbasket allow consumers to buy groceries in just a few clicks on their smartphone and get them delivered to their doorstep by a simple sign-in process. The app helps to find the nearby grocery store to buy groceries and receive orders. BigBasket clone developed with all the features and functionalities of the BigBasket app. Bigbasket app is a successful business model for grocery delivery services. The BigBasket clone app was also designed based on the same business model. That permits customers to shop groceries anytime, from any favorite shop. It saves the valuable time of the customer and makes it convenient to shop. We shall take a look at how helpful the BigBasket clone script is for the grocery business.

four modules assist the application to generate revenue.

  • Admin panel – To assist admin to maintain each process.
  • Store panel – To process store functionalities.
  • Customer app – For customer’s use.
  • Delivery driver app – For delivery drivers use

Let us discuss in detail about these modules.

Customer App

The customer application functionalities are designed based on customers’ points of view and it has many features to ease the order placing process. To give a pleasant shopping time for customers BigBasket clone app has amazing UI and UX in customers’ app. It gives a satisfying experience to the customers while shopping. 

If you want to develop a grocery clone app you need to know the futures available in customers’ apps before placing an order.

let’s see some of the features available in BigBasket clone by trioangle 

  • My account – Elegant account maintenance to attract customers.
  • Delivery address detection – Automated location pointer included in customer app to pin delivery location.
  • Shop by category – Advanced categorized product list included to Search any particular product.
  • BB Membership – To get more offers and fast delivery options included.
  • Past Orders, track orders – Customers can track past orders and ongoing orders which are not delivered.
  • Payment method – many payment modes included for customers convenience.
  • Review and rating options – After delivery customers can include ratings and reviews for products and delivery persons.

Admin Setup

Admin setup designed to process and monitor each process of the order.

admin setup has all rights to make changes and access payment modules to ensure all processes are going properly. Though it is an automated and centralized setup, the admin doesn’t want to enter orders data in this application. Admin just wants to process payment processes for stores.

Some of the unique features available in the BigBasket clone admin setup

  • Managing stores – For partnering with new stores and maintain old stores data
  • Managing categories – Stores products list categorized and maintained through these options.
  • Assign driver – Assigning nearby drivers to deliver the order.
  • Managing payments – Applications act as a mediator for customers and stores for payments. all payment data are stored and maintained in this.

Driver App

The driver application for the BigBasket clone app is designed to give notifications for drivers about pickup location, delivery location and maintain their profile, and include availability. 

Let’s see some of the unique features included in the BigBasket clone Driver app.

  • Accepting/decline delivery – Delivery drivers have options to accept or decline the order delivery.
  • Updating order status -The driver app has options as active or inactive to notify when he is not able to take the order.
  • Payment status – Delivery driver’s delivered order info maintained to calculate payments and information accessible for drivers.
  • Live GPS options – Live GPS options included finding the shortest route for customer location.

Store setup

The store setup application handles the order requirements from the customer via the Customer App. To maintain order details, available product details, and new product included details are maintained by store setup.

The store setup app includes with following unique features:

  • Managing offers – stores can offer new promo codes or offers by these options.
  • Managing items – Adding new products managing the available product list.
  • Managing categories- Adding or deleting new categories based on products.
  • Payment option – payment from admin, commission to admin this info maintained in this options.

Summing Up

The grocery delivery business is expanding incredibly. Most of the markets are ready to implement the safest way of shopping for their customers. If you are thinking of developing a delivery business with the BigBasket clone app, Trioangle Technology is the right delivery app development company for you. We offer both customized and readymade scripts for grocery ordering apps like Bigbasket. We introduced a lot of offers for delivering app solutions to satisfy our customers. We don’t compromise in our quality though customer satisfaction is our ultimate aim. contact us with the following info

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