Uber promises 25$ per hour earning with loyalty programs and welcome bonus to the drivers. This gives limelight for many to start gearing up. From a recent report, driver earning is keep on increasing over the years.

Due to the revenue, many quit their 9-5 jobs to start driving with Uber. Though there is a lot of revenue behind and a lot of competition out there for the drivers. To earn a lot, the drivers have to outsmart their competitors. But, here are the key points on the average earning of the driver in the USA.

Average Earning Of Uber Driver

According to Brooking.edu, the average earning of a driver increase by 69 percent and average drivers makes a 5$ per hour. But the drivers have to take care of expenses like

  • Commercial Insurance for vehicle and personal insurance for driver.
  • There are other charges like permit fees, tolls and so on.
  • Fuel or gas charge for riding.
  • Maintenance charge of the vehicle.
  • Lease/ Car loans.

After all the expenses, a driver looking for 6 digit payout a year is hard to reach. Here are some tips to help you earn a lot with Uber.

Tips For Drivers To Earn A Lot With Uber & Lyft

Customer Service

Most of the successful driver says that customer service is keen to successful driving. A driver needs to have water in the car. A driver also has to be aware of bathrooms in nearby areas. (add more- first aid or something like that)

Cargo Box

Cargo Box is a box through which the customer can buy things while riding a trip. Drivers get a commission for the sale of things in the box.

Logout Technique

Surge pricing is key for any driver to earn a lot with their commission. Many drivers log out from the portal to increase surging and demand for the trips.

Avoid Riding Alone

What a big mistake a driver does is riding alone while looking for trips. This biggest mistake in the expense of fuel in the car. It is best for a driver to wisely choose brake points to get trips instead of riding alone.

Passenger App

Most of the drivers failed to make use of the features of the passenger app. Using the app, the driver can know where other drivers are and more details about competition in the portal.

Dual driver withUber & Lyft

Lyft is one of the popular taxi service providers along with the Uber. It is important to make use of both Lyft & Uber, as you can easily get rides. You can even go for a normal trip other than Uber & Lyft if there is an opportunity.

Summing Up

Taxi booking apps like Uber, Lyft paves you the opportunity to earn a lot. You can even buy a car and hire a driver to expand your business as well as your earnings. It is key for entrepreneurs to make the most of the opportunity available in the market. You can also make use of a taxi booking app like Uber Clone to manage your business.

I hope this article will be helpful.