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The world largest buying and selling a business is Letgo online classified business. If you are new to the classified business, let me explicit you about what is Letgo and it’s stunning features?

A crisp note about Letgo

Letgo is the mobile application, permits every user to buy and sell the stuff in the online. Users can able to play both the buyer and seller as the desire. The outstanding aspects are the sellers can post their stuff quickly by using the app and buyer can apply the geographical option and browse to find the elegant items as nearby to them.

Letgo is the biggest and fastest growing app to buy and sell locally. Over 75 million downloads and 200 million listings! Find great local deals, from secondhand phones, fashion, sneakers and games to furniture, cars and real estate.

Complete features in the Letgo(online classified script)

Quick Navigation: Both users can customize their location by using the location option as per they desire neither to buy nor sell.

Post stuff: The seller can merely tap on the “sell your stuff” option to post the item, what they wanted to sell it off. Step to post, first the seller post the stuff and then they can label the stuff by writing the title(optional), description(optional), price, categories.

SortBy: The buyer can smoothly sort out the items like date, price, closest by. The buyer can set a date option to select the recently posted item, the price can set as low to high or high to low as per they wish and closest by is the option the buyer pick the stuff nearby location.

Categories: The buyer can view out the perfect items what they want by using the categories option to pick out it. The seller can make use by setting the categories option while posts the items. The categories are Cars, Free Stuff, Electronics, Baby And Child, etc…

Notification: The buyer will get a notification as like the stuff is nearby, recent post, etc… and the seller gets the notification only after the buyer approaches to buy the stuff if they will to buy.

Rating and reviews: This option plays an outstanding role for both people. For the buyer, after buying the products from the seller. The buyer can give feedback about seller products, seller conversation while buying the stuff or web store. Now the seller can give rating and review about the buyer activities while buying the product. This option having a beautiful trump card that, 5 rating stars and additional reviews of the seller.

Bump option: The bump option is meant for the seller to sell their stuff as soon as possible. The seller bumps the stuff at the top on the app to view for the buyer to buy an item.

Features listing: The seller can make use of this option while the need to keep items at the top for several days as per their wish. For that, they will pay to the admin.

Shipping features: If the buyer willing to have shipped, after tapping on the option then they should pay out the buying products and shipping cost to the admin. After paid the tacking process is started then product delivered to the buyer. The amount will be credited to the seller in their bank account.

Payment platform integration: Secure payment should be integrated so that the trust flow for the business among users will grow up. Also to buy and sell, online payment will help widely for the users’ welfare.

Save option: The buyer can able to save the favorite items for future use.

Message for the seller: The buyer can able to message to the seller by asking the products condition, either it’s still available or price negotiable.

Promotion or Ad Highlights: When the user wants a quick result for their listing they look for ad highlights or ad promotion. So the script should be designed in a way that provides better genuine results for the users.

Letgo reveals: Artificial intelligence has been incorporated in the option, it helps the seller by suggesting the rate, title, and description of the products compared to the similar products that have been enlisted in the site from insights. If the seller felt that the price suggested is affordable then the seller can post with the suggested price or else the seller can alter the price details. This option might help people to know what is the expectation of the people to buy the product.

Video listing:  While listing the people used to list the products by taking the photograph of the pics and upload that on the website. But when it comes to the image they might edit the picture and there is a chance to dodge the flaws in the product. This deals with the trust issue, so now Letgo let people upload the product in a video format. This increases the trust score between the buyer and the seller and reduces disappointments.

Verification badges: This option able to verify the profile of both users in the mobile app in the phone number or the facebook account, Gmail account. These are the above surprising aspects in the online classified script.

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