Ever since the evolution of taxi booking apps, there is a lot of changes in the market as people tend to book a cab in a tap. Though cab booking brings you comfort & sophistication, it is more costly to use for many.


Top Taxi-hailing service provider like Uber & Lyft provides a lot of offers & coupons to its customer to save from rides. But this blog is not just about money but also about how to save & effectively ride in a taxi booking apps. Here are the top hacks that help you save a lot.


Top 7 Life Hacks That Saves A Lot With Uber & Lyft:


Free Rides & Sign Up:


Many mobile apps like Freebirdrides helps you to earn free Uber rides for using their service. They offer you Up to 10$ for signup which can utilize for all type of Uber rides. You can also make use of Cashback from the Drop app for signing up their portal. You can also make use of the Uber Reward program to earn credits for future rides


Pro-Tip: You can also make use of social media where you can find a lot of coupons and offer by both Uber and Lyft.


Compare Price With Uber & Lyft:


It is wise to compare your trip price with Uber & Lyft or even other services of your choice. The variation in trip cost between Uber & Lyft ranges Up to 5$. In some cases, it makes more difference in ride cost.


Uber Pool:


You can make use of Uber Pool to save a lot of money. It is estimated that Uber Pool is 50% cheaper than a normal ride. But, there may be a delay in reaching your destination since your are riding with other passengers. In my experience, Uber Pool is as fast as a normal ride. 


Change Your Destination:


Sometimes it is nearly hard to find trips near your location. Instead, change your pick up point to a nearby location and try out for rides. Usually, this trick will work for most people.


Hint: If you have a more negative rating given by the drivers then it is hard to get the trips. So, be polite with the drivers.


Easily Avoid Surge Price:


You can easily avoid surge price if you are aware of the peak hours. Most of the surge pricing comes in lunch & dinner hours. There are other options like taxi, autos which might be lesser in peak hours.


Ride Pass:


The ride pass is a feature provided by Uber where you can enjoy a 20-25% offer for every ride. You have to pay a monthly fee for the ride pass to make use of this feature.


Book The Right Car:


Most of the time, you can save a lot by booking the correct vehicle for your needs. Uber X is good enough for 2-3 persons and Uber XL for up to 6 persons. You can also go for other luxuries rides available on the platform.




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