The Uber business model is an ongoing trendy business model all over the world. The comfort and convenience of taxi booking apps make people shift towards apps like Uber. 

Why is ride-hailing an on-demand business all over the world?

The big reason behind this is cost-effective for all people. And smartness in picking the vehicle type as per their need, it can be anything from motorbikes to black SUVs. These Uber-like apps are clearing the public ride demand easily by the comfort booking options and also provide the trip at the right time without any deviations. 

Due to these advancements in cab bookings, people are likely moving towards these apps which results in a big surge. 

Hence many entrepreneurs are looking to do business within their local region. 

If you are also in the same plan, this blog will completely tell you all the trends that are to be processed in the Uber-like apps. 

Cool Features In Uber Business Models: You Need To Know

Not only perfect rides will give you more users. It’s also important to hold the coolest user interface and easy features that give your user a seamless experience. 

Developing your app with the below sets of trendy features will enhance your user’s ride with multiple smart things. 

Here are the lists of trendy features. 

1. Sharing Real-Time Details With Others

Safety is the most important matter that all users need. Keeping them informed of their ride details in real-time to their loved ones will enhance their security. 

Let’s create your ride booking app with the feature of “Send Status”. Using this feature riders can send the details of the driver and the cab to their contact persons with the name, photo, vehicle numbers, model, etc.

2. Provide Your Users With The Multiple Drop Ups Option

This is the most desired feature many users want to add extra drop-up points while contributing to the ride with their friends. 

Complete your Uber for X app with features like “ Add more stops”. This will lead the users to add extra stops before entering or during the ride. Users will get notified of these intimations and can plan a route trip according to the locations and the drop-ups. 

3. Integrate Dividing Fares To Afford Your Users Ride Money

Ride-sharing is the best way to hold a comfortable cab trip in an affordable manner. This split fare concept is similar to the car-pooling option done by the maximum number of professional workers in the cities; they are performing it in their own cars. 

Here this option can lead the users to split the ride with friends who are in the same riding location, join them by their phone number, and share the fare price with the drivers via your ride-sharing app. 

4. Organize Your Riders Work With Simple Calendar Shortcuts

Calendar shortcuts for well-organized time management for the users. This feature will interconnect the ride-hailing app with your mobile calendar app. Whenever the users create a meeting or other events with their calendar notes, your app can get the next ride details as per the user’s schedule. By using this when the user opens the app in case of the same calendar scenario, they won’t have the need to enter all the details of the ride. It is almost enough to enter the address details once in your calendar app. 

Integrate your Uber-like app with this calendar option feature to help your users with the little things. 

5. Furnish Your Users With Tension-Free Scheduled Rides

Complete your app with this amazing “scheduled rides” feature to make your users stress-free cab booking apps. This option helps the user to pre-book their rides in the case of Airport boardings, busy meetings, etc. This creates a rested mind in the user’s restless times. 

6. Hold A Cab For Another Rider

Make your users happy certainly all the time. This is the option for surprising cab bookings to other people. 

Users can book a ride for other people like elders or their friends. Just hitting their contact number with the respective time and location, they could book a cab for the needy people. 

Details like vehicle number, type, and driver’s contact number could be sent to them via SMS. And the booked user could also pay money for their friend’s ride. This will strengthen the bond between the well-wishers. 

Let you build a technically nice Uber-like app for the public. And thus admire more consumers by giving easy and comfortable rides. Note, new updates and trends will only give you customer retention. So, do service your app frequently to be active in the market.

Know The Market Of The Uber Business

According to a report, the overall revenue of the online taxi business reached $18 million by the year 2021. And it will surely grow by over 18% between 2022-2026. 

European countries are well-versed in technology and experienced a great feel with these Taxi booking script apps before 2016, now it’s become a default one for many urban people’s everyday life. 

But in other countries like in the Asian continents, these Uber-like apps emerged big after and during the period of COVID-19 because of the safety measures. Now, these ride-hailing apps are becoming on-demand and developing businesses right now. 

According to the statistics report, it’s expected that the total revenue of Uber-like apps will hit over $155,475 million by 2023. 

Hence, in view of the global share, the taxi booking script apps will earn more than 38% of income in the upcoming years between 2024-2030. 

So, undoubtedly developing this Uber clone app (a taxi booking script) will definitely create your entrepreneur journey successfully.

Trendy Features In Trioangle’s Uber-Like Business Model

Trioangle’s Gofer is a clone app of Uber, developed exclusively for thirsty entrepreneurs like you. It has all the aforementioned features. 

The Uber clone app is flexible, friendly software that you can customize easily as per your new strategies and requirements. 

We have a pool of experts in all the process stages like development, testing, and designing. Let your Uber clone app development process with Gofer live your dreamy quietly soon. 

Recently Gofer has updated with some new features like, 

  • Gender-based; preference ride
  • Handicap seat accessibility
  • Covid safety features
  • Child seat accessibility 
  • Multiple Currency

Explore your trendy business thoughts with our experts at [email protected]