Text messages were the form of communication before the time of instant messaging apps. They were sent through the mobile SMS packs and had a particular character limit, less deliverability rate and additional charges for purchasers when the character limit exceeds. There was a necessity for a free instant messaging app to connect with people they know.

The WhatsApp-instant messaging app arrived as a free instant messaging app to connect with people. Soon it developed into a multiple content sharing spot where users can send photos, videos, documents and much more through WhatsApp. Create group chats with multiple people to interact with all.

A plethora of instant messaging apps followed suits like Hike, WeChat, Line, and lots more. As of now, it’s estimated that around 80 per cent of the world’s population uses instant messaging apps on their smartphones. These instant messaging apps also earn profits for entrepreneurs who ought to create and develop an app like WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Clone Script

Our WhatsApp Clone Script is the best solution to launch an app like WhatsApp. People from far and wide can chat instantly in real-time with our WhatsApp Clone App. With the tremendous growth in messaging apps, many entrepreneurs wish to start their own social engaging apps like WhatsApp. So, grab this amazing opportunity to make high profits by building your own app with our WhatsApp clone app.

Features Of Our WhatsApp Clone

LogIn / SignUp

The users can log in/sign up through their phone number and the users receive OTP for verification in our WhatsApp Clone.

Private Chats

Users can chat instantly in our WhatsApp Clone. The chats between two users are End to End encrypted. The photos, videos, messages, voice messages, documents, etc are completely secured and prevented in our WhatsApp Clone.

Instant Notification

The users receive instant notifications to know the message without entering into the app. With this smart feature, the user can get update regularly.

Advanced Search

The search option is very useful for the users to search for their previous chats. Our WhatsApp Clone helps the users to find their friends by entering the contact name.

Audio / Video Call

The users of our WhatsApp clone can make an audio/video call instantly over the country. While audio call the users can switch to video call and can mute voice, switch over front and back camera, etc.

Contact Synchronization

Once the user registers on WhatsApp Clone, the phone contacts are synchronized automatically in the app. So, the users can connect with their contacts quickly without any hassle.

Therefore, entrepreneurs can launch an app like WhatsApp with our WhatsApp Clone Script and materialize your business dreams right away.

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